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How to Get Involved - Team and Tournament Entry Procedures

Team Sports

  1. Secure a Team Entry Form from Intramural Sports located in the Office of Student Affairs in the Cannon Student Center.
  2. Check on the eligibility of your team personnel!
  3. List each team member's name, and phone number. (Remind them to have personal health insurance to cover possible injury.)
  4. Bring completed Team Entry Form to the Office of Student Affairs by the entry deadline.
  5. Pick up a copy of the finalized schedule at the mandatory captain's/manager's meeting. (See Captain's/Manager's Responsibilities.)
  6. All rules and information pertaining to the sport are posted on the website.

Individual/Dual Sports

  1. List name, and phone number on the Individual Entry Form.
  2. Bring the completed form to the Office of Student Affairs by the specified deadline.
  3. Pick up a copy of the schedule pertaining to the sport by 3:00 p.m. two days after the deadline.
  4. All rules and information pertaining to the sport are posted on the website.

Need a Team?
The Free Agent Program will help you find a team and as a result meet new students with similar recreational interests. Those interested in locating a team should:

  1. Sign up on the "Free Agent List" located on the Intramural Director's door in the Office of Student Affairs.
  2. Come to the captain's/manager's meeting to talk with teams in need of players (this is also a great time to talk with other free agents and consider forming a team).
  3. Call captain's/managers after play begins to volunteer to assist their teams.

Need a Job to Fulfill Work-Study Hours?
ntramural Sports sometimes need officials. Opportunities available include officiating for basketball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and other activities. No prior experience necessary; however, experience will definitely help. We will train you! Knowledge of sports, dependability, and a "cool head" required. Those interested in a fun, exciting job should contact Intramural Sports at 637-4382.

Protests will only be considered on the basis of player eligibility. Protests will not be received or considered if they are based on a decision involving the accuracy of judgment on the part of an official. The Director of Intramural sports and the Intramural Staff will discuss and settle all protest.

Managers must notify game officials that they wish to appeal a discrepancy and/or rule interpretation and contact the supervisor in charge of the activity immediately. The supervisor will make a ruling before play resumes. Notifying the officials and the supervisor of an appeal after one or more plays have elapsed does not constitute a valid appeal.

Sportsmanship Policy
The development of sportsmanlike attitudes is one of the major goals of the Catawba College Intramural Sports Program. An individual or team must be able to accept defeat wholesomely without blaming others. A team is responsible for the actions of individual members and for spectators directly related to the team, before, during, and after participation. Teams/organizations will be responsible for their group's conduct.

The following will be considered evidence of unsportsmanlike conduct: profanity, unnecessary delay of game, striking or shoving an opponent or official, arguing with officials or supervisors, derogatory or abusive remarks toward an opponent or official, abuse of equipment, unruly fans, and/or any action the intent of which is to physically injure an opponent or show disregard for the rules or the sport or the Intramural Sports Program.

  1. Any individuals addressing a staff member or official in an unsportsmanlike or discourteous manner may immediately be disqualified and ejected from the game/event (see note at end of this section). A second ejection or incident deemed as more severe may result in disqualification from that sport for the remainder of the season or the entire year.
  2. Team members, managers, spectators, or coaches displaying unsportsmanlike or disruptive behavior will be ejected from the game. Team captains and individuals may or may not be warned prior to forfeiting a contest.
  3. Shoving/Striking a staff member or official shall result in suspension from all Intramural Sports activities for the remainder of the school year or the next academic year in some instances. This also includes an attempt to strike, even though there may not be contact.
  4. Becoming involved in a fight will result in suspension from further participation in the sport. Instances of a more severe nature will result in further action. Defense is not an excuse for fighting.
  5. Team members and/or spectators who leave benches/viewing area to participate in any isolated alteration will be immediately ejected from the game/event (see note at end of this section).
  6. Threatening behavior (verbal or physical) toward an official/supervisor/participant will result in indefinite suspension.
  7. Alcoholic beverages and drugs are not permitted on or around the playing area. Any person who appears to have been drinking or under the influence of drugs will be asked to leave the premises. The official(s) assigned to the game or any staff member has the authority to make a decision.
  8. Any person/team that willfully causes damage to equipment or playing area shall assume responsibility for the full cost of repairs or replacement, and suspension may result.
  9. Any individual playing on more than one team in any intramural activity will be suspended indefinitely from all intramural competition (see "Eligibility").

NOTE:   Any time an individual/team is removed from the contest or playing area, an Intramural Sports Disciplinary Report will be completed and placed on file in the Intramural Sports office. Participants who are removed from a contest as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct or disruptive behavior will have one minute to leave the playing area, or further action will be taken. Captain's/Managers or players removed from a contest by a supervisor or official should consider themselves ineligible from further competition until they meet with the Director of Intramural Sports. Participants that are suspended from play in a sport will also lose their intramural gymnasium privileges. All cases may be referred to the college's judicial board depending on the individual's action.

Suspension from Play
A participant who has been suspended from participating is not eligible to take part in intramural sports for the period of suspension. The team captain/manager will be held responsible for any of his/her player's suspension. In the event a suspended player plays, the entire team will forfeit that contest and may be suspended from further play.

Use of an Assumed Name

  1. The use of an assumed name in any manner in the intramural program shall constitute a violation of the rules.
  2. Fraudulent acts shall be defined as misrepresentation of a score, playing while ineligible or under suspension or allowing an individual to use your ID for Intramural competition.
  3. Should a participant, team captain, or team manager be guilty or responsible for the use of an assumed name or fraudulent act, he/she will be disqualified from all intramural activities pending an interview with the Director of Intramural Sports, who shall determine the length of the suspension period. The team for which he/she played will be dropped from further competition in that sport.

General Information
Defaults Any team unable to attend a scheduled contest should notify the Intramural Sports office at least 48 hours before the game. Every effort will be made to reschedule the game if at all possible. Should this be impossible, the contest will be declared a forfeit. The opposing team will receive a "win." A second forfeit will result in the team being withdrawn from the league.

Rescheduled Games
Intramural Sports cannot accept individual requests from teams or individuals to reschedule contests. Emergency requests of rescheduled contest must be submitted to the Director of Intramural Sports at least 48 hours in advance of the time originally scheduled. Emergency cases will be considered on an individual basis. Requests for rescheduled contest must be made in accordance within the following procedure:

  1. The team/individual wishing to request a rescheduled contest must make a written request stating the reason for the need of rescheduling the contest to the Director of Intramural Sports.
  2. The Intramural Sports staff will make the final decision concerning approval of the request.
  3. If the request is approved the Intramural Staff Office will notify the appropriate captain/manager/individuals of the change and the alternate playing date(s). Otherwise, the game will be played as originally scheduled.
  4. In certain rare cases, alternate plans can be devised to ensure play by both teams agreeing on the time, location, etc., in a meeting with the Director of Intramural Sports. Intramural Sports may postpone or reschedule a contest if circumstances warrant such action.

Inclement Weather
In case of inclement weather call the Intramural Sports Office at 637-4382 after 2:00 p.m., or come by the office. In certain cases, this determination will be made at game time. When games are cancelled please stay off the fields. Failure to do so may result in a team being dropped from league play.

The Intramural Staff cannot be responsible for checking the eligibility of all persons who participate in intramural sports. Each person is responsible for meeting eligibility requirements. Captains/Managers should confirm the players on their rosters. Captains/Managers are urged to warn or question opposing teams and players prior to the event if there is any concern with eligibility.

NOTE: All participants must provide a current validated Catawba College ID before participating and must be affiliated with the College as a student or faculty/staff. To be considered a "student," one must be currently enrolled for at least 1 hour for the fall/spring. Individuals who enroll and then officially drop their courses are no longer considered eligible

Part-time Faculty/Staff Part-time employees must provide written documentation from his/her department stating that he/she is currently employed by the College with a minimum of 20 hours a week.

Spouses: The spouse of any eligible participant is eligible to participate on the same team in CO-REC sports only.

All team members must be listed on the official team entry form in the Intramural Sports office to participate. Any student not listed on the official team roster prior to play is ineligible. Only the captain/manager may add players — no phone calls please. Players may be added by the stated deadline after the season begins. Participants may play on only one team per sport. Furthermore, a participant is not permitted to transfer from one team to another after a scheduled game in which the participant's name appears on the score sheet. The Intramural Staff must approve any roster changes or transfers.


  1. Anyone listed as a member of a team that has been dropped from competition without having played a game.
  2. A participant may play on a CO-REC team and a men's or women's team in the same sport.

Varsity Athletes: Any student who is a member of a varsity or junior varsity athletic team during or after the first scheduled game of the athletic season is ineligible for that intramural sport or counterpart for the same academic year.

NOTE: Includes red shirts, walk-ons, and students who are admitted to the college under special NCAA guidelines.

Health and Safety
Catawba College or Intramural Sports is NOT responsible for injuries incurred by participants or spectators while competing in intramural sports. It is strongly recommended that each student carry health and accident insurance.

Participants should understand that the possibility of injury is inherent in sport activities. Also, participants should be careful to follow any doctor's instructions concerning physical handicaps, injuries, illness, and the involvement in any activity. Captains/Managers are responsible for informing their team members of these policies.

Injuries and Liabilities
All injuries should be reported to an Intramural Staff employee immediately. If a participant is injured and does not have transportation, Security or an ambulance will be called to assist. Emergencies occurring within the gymnasium or outside facilities should be reported to any supervisor immediately.

Neither Catawba College nor the Intramural Sports Program provides medical insurance coverage for participants in any of its programs. Participation in any department-sponsored activity or event is completely voluntary and such participation may result in the risk of personal injury and loss or damage of personal property. Catawba College and the Intramural Sports Program assume NO responsibility for costs involved with individual injury or property damage incurred in connection with the Catawba College Intramural Sports Program.

The Intramural Sports Program provides some equipment for team sports. Individual participants are responsible, however, for supplying some necessary equipment for individual/dual sports. Individual participants are responsible for use of the proper footwear/ equipment for all intramural events:

  1. Tennis shoes are required on the College tennis courts and racquetball courts.
  2. Regulation tennis shoes or basketball non-marking shoes are required to be worn in the gymnasiums.
  3. Rubber cleated shoes may be worn on the intramural fields during outdoor activities. No metal cleats, spikes, or bare feet allowed.
  4. Personal athletic equipment may be used provided the equipment meets the approval of the officials or supervisor on duty. The judgement of the director, coordinators, supervisors, or officials regarding equipment will be final.

Completing Rosters
All entry forms must be filled out as completely and neatly as possible. Rosters should include: team name, captains'/managers' information, players' names and phone number. Players may be added to complete the rosters throughout the first two weeks.

However, no players can be added after the first Friday after the season begins. Captains/Managers must add players at the Intramural Sports office (must be added in person). Individuals must be listed on a team's roster before they participate. Those listed must meet eligibility requirements (see "Eligibility"). Player substitutions in individual and dual tournaments are not permitted after the first tournament round is played.

Captain's/Manager's Meetings
All captain's/manager's meetings will be scheduled. All meetings are mandatory. All managers should attend to receive rules, rule clarifications, and team schedules. All teams are responsible for material covered and agreements reached or changes made at the captain's/manager's meeting. If the team captain/manager cannot attend, a team member should represent the team. Any team whose captain/manager or representative does not attend the mandatory captain's/manager's meeting will receive an automatic loss towards their regular season record.

Late Entries
Late entries will be kept on file and included in scheduling at the discretion of the Intramural staff. A team/individual not attending the organizational meeting will still be responsible for rules and regulations and for properly filling out the entry form in person at the Intramural Sports Office. There is no guarantee that the participant/team will be included in the league or tournament schedule. Please sign up during the registration period to ensure a slot. Considerations such as the availability of facilities and the number of teams which can be accommodated in any particular sport will determine whether or not a late entry can be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis to replace teams dropping out (See Rule 1 of Captain's/Manager's Responsibilities).

What if YOU Win? Get the Best Looking T-Shirts on Campus!
T-shirts will be presented to each member who participated on the Championship Team. T-shirts will not be awarded for individual contests. Special awards may be presented in some programs. Intramural Sports reserves the right to modify its policy concerning awards.

Captain's/Manager's Responsibilities
Each team must have a manager. The manager will conduct all business between the team and the Intramural/Recreational Sports Office. Experience has shown that units competing for top honors have alert and efficient managers.

Captain's/Manager's responsibilities are to:

  1. Attend all mandatory captain's/manager's meetings and pick up team schedules. Any team whose captain/manager or representative does not attend the mandatory captain's/manager's meeting receives an automatic loss towards their regular season record.
  2. Complete rosters with name and phone number (remind team members about need for insurance coverage).
  3. Organize teams and enter them into competition by the scheduled deadline.
  4. Pick up schedules for postponed games and playoffs (schedules for postponed games are not a replacement for original schedules).
  5. Attend mandatory playoff meeting to receive playoff information and brackets. Captain's/Manager's who do not attend the mandatory playoff meeting forfeit their right to reschedule games during the playoffs.
  6. Notify team as to time and place of sports activity to eliminate forfeits.
  7. Know eligibility rules and see that members comply.
  8. Accompany team members to disciplinary hearings (per Intramural Director notification); act as on-court liaison for teams with officials.
  9. Remind your players to call 637-4382 or check e-mail or activities board for the daily schedules and inclement weather information.

Any team or individual not ready to play a contest at the scheduled location at the scheduled time with current IDs shall automatically forfeit the contest. No grace period will be allowed. In case of unavoidable delay (weather or Intramural Sports error) starting time may be extended at the discretion of the on-site supervisor. Forfeit losses may be assessed for the following: use of "ineligible players"; non-appearance or late appearance for event; use of metal spikes or cleats, unsportsmanlike behavior; and the apparent use of alcohol/drugs.

The staff is here to serve you. We hope you will have an exciting, safe sporting event and we will do everything possible to achieve the goals of Catawba College and the Intramural Sports Program.

We encourage constructive comments and want to hear from you. If we can be of service, come by or call. One of our friendly staff members will be glad to be of assistance.