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Third Party Payments

The Third Party billing process at Catawba College allows outside organizations including military agencieseducational institutionsinternational embassies, or state prepaid tuition programs to pay a student's educational expenses.

Catawba's Business Office coordinates the Third Party Payments process, preparing and sending the bills/invoices for qualified tuition and fees.


Many states offer prepaid education plans that Catawba College can bill on the student's behalf. Students should notify their Third Party Payer each semester if they wish to use their state prepaid accounts. Temporary credit for the expected sponsored amount will be placed on the student's account. The Business Office will bill each sponsoring prepaid plan after the final drop/add deadline outlined on the academic calendar.

Students should contact their state's prepaid plan directly with questions regarding eligibility and payment amounts. Any amount not covered by the Third Party Payments is the student's responsibility.


Please contact Kelly Heinemann in the Business Office at (704) 637-4383 or if you have any questions about Third Party Payments.