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Student Profiles

Lauren Klopp '09
Political Science Major; First Family Scholar

laurenklopp.jpg"After visiting other schools, I couldn't imagine going anywhere else but Catawba, even though I didn't know if it was financially realistic. When I toured campus, I met with an Admissions counselor and we talked about the McCorkle scholarships and the fact that I was probably eligible to compete. Later, after I'd submitted my application and been accepted to Catawba, I received an invitation to participate in the McCorkle Scholarship competition.

During the competition I didn't think that I was going to do as well as I did — I was less outspoken than the other people I competed with and I thought I had less of a chance than them. I wanted to be the best I could in the competition and show the faculty and staff involved that I had a lot to offer. Although I doubted myself, it was nice to know that those judging the competition saw the person I was and saw what I had to offer — it gave my self-confidence a boost.

Both of my parents have always worked and I worked during my high school years. I knew that during college it would be really difficult for me to have a job and concentrate on my education. Knowing that I have a McCorkle Scholarship allows me to focus more on my education and participate in extracurricular activities instead of worrying about having a job. I'm a resident assistant, a member of Catawba's Political Science Association, the Delphinian Society, and the Lilly Center's Leadership Corps. This scholarship has also eliminated the pressure my family was feeling about my younger brother going to college just three years after me."