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Alternative Financial Aid and Financing Options

Federal Aid Programs

Direct PLUS Loans are low-interest loans for parents of dependent students. Interest is charged during all periods, beginning on the date of your loan's first disbursement. Parents cannot have an adverse credit history (a credit check will be done). Parents may apply on-line at Parents will have to complete a Master Promissory Note or MPN may be required to complete  Entrance Loan Counseling at Please use your FSA ID and password to access this site.

*To receive federal self-help financial assistance at Catawba College, you must be accepted at Catawba College and make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree and you must show demonstrated financial need through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You must file this form online at

Alternative Private Student Loans

Lenders generally make available alternative student loans to help fill the gap between the financial aid you receive and the money you still need. These are typically in the student's name; however, most require a co-signer. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine which loan would be best for you.

Interest-Free Installment Payment Plan

In our continuing effort to assist the families of our students, Catawba College offers an interest-free installment payment plan each Fall and Spring semester.

Students and authorized users must enroll via Catawba’s TouchNet Electronic Statement and Payment Center. The 5-pay plan runs from July through November for the Fall Semester and December through April for the Spring semester. The plans are interest free and a one-time $35.00 installment plan fee is due when you enroll for a payment Plan each semester. 

You will be required to setup auto payments using ACH or credit cards for the installments. A $20.00 late fee will be assessed on installment payments made after the due date(s). Please keep in mind that Catawba bills tuition by semester and bills are due July 15 for Fall terms and December 15 for Spring terms.

You must return to the TouchNet Electronic Statement and Payment Center to enroll in a new payment plan each semester that you use a payment plan.  If a student has received financial aid, but not enough to cover the entire account balance, then the account must be paid in full by the due date each semester or the student must enroll in a payment plan that covers the entire balance due. Keep in mind that this is only an estimated plan and any differences between the estimated and actual costs and financial aid will need to be factored into the remaining installments once your plan has been initially created. If the due date(s) for any installments have passed when a student enrolls in a plan, all of those installment amount(s) will have to be paid at the time of enrollment.  After the “last day to add” of each term, installments will be automatically recalculated (up or down) as appropriate due changes in charges or credit. Students will receive notification via email each time installments are recalculated.  A payment plan may be terminated for failure to make an installment payment according to the plan agreement.

If you need assistance with estimating costs and aid, please see your electronic statement of account for reference and or contact the Business Office at (704) 637-4388 or before completing the plan. 

Veterans Benefits

Read about the benefits available to Veterans.