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A Message from the Office of Financial Aid

We'd like to thank you for considering our institution and offer our personal assurance that we will do everything possible to help make your attendance here affordable.

The personal attention we will offer you in our office, we feel, is indicative of the same type of personal attention you'll receive from faculty in our classrooms and staff members in our various offices. Indeed, this personal touch is what sets Catawba College apart from many large public institutions and allows each one of our students to feel like they're a person with a name instead of simply a social security number.

We would like to tell you that 100 percent of our students receive some sort of financial assistance. This assistance, which is determined based on academic ability, merit and need, is often in the form of a scholarship, a grant, a loan, work study, or some combination of the four. In all cases, we strive to customize a financial aid package for each individual student, realizing that each family's circumstances are very different.

The first step in getting started, after you apply and are accepted at Catawba, is to supply our office with some financial information about you and your family. Prospective students applying for admission should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and request their Student Aid Report (SAR) be sent to Catawba. Our Federal ID number is 002914.

All students wishing to receive consideration for financial aid of any type must complete the FAFSA which will be available on October 1st for the coming academic year. Catawba's FAFSA priority filing date is March 15. We encourage you to file these forms as early as possible since scholarship dollars go fast. Accurate financial information will allow us to give you the best possible award.

Again, thank you for considering Catawba College. We look forward to assisting you in any way possible.