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What Makes a Great Mentor?

The qualities a successful mentor possesses include the following: 
  • Good attendance
  • Commitment to the job and the willingness to go above and beyond when needed
  • Some historic perspective on the institution
  • Ability to articulate Catawba's current challenges
  • Commitment of time to spend with new employee, to be informed in mentor role and to be a good listener
  • Keep shared information confidential

A great mentor will help make the program successful in the following ways: 

  • Consistency of all new employees
  • No involvement on issues addressed by HR or Payroll/Business office
  • Sharing of factual and pertinent information only  (no gossip)
  • Regularity (i.e. regular chats, lunches, etc.)
  • Consistent handouts (i.e. map, tour of campus, college history, meet key student leaders, business cards, name tags, parking hangtag, etc. )

What mentors should and should not do: 

  • DON'T gossip
  • DON'T mislead or lie
  • DO lead by example
  • DO commit the time and effort to be effective
  • DO be sincere
  • DO listen
  • DO maintain information shared in confidence
  • DO be a colleague your mentor will be glad to know