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Dr. Norris Feeney

U.S. Foreign Policy and International Politics

NorrisFeeney.jpgDr. Norris Feeney
Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics

Contact Info:
Phone: (704) 645-4598                    

Direct Media Relations Contact:
Tonia Black-Gold  
Chief Communications Officer  
Phone: (704) 637-4393  

B.A., Political Science, Kenyon College; Ph.D., Political Science, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

"Anything that is cheesy, corny, or punny (or best a combination of these)" will make Dr. Norris Feeney laugh, he says.  Concerning his academic discipline, he explains, "I enjoy reading and hearing arguments (or creating my own) that build towards an answer much more than reaching the conclusion or answer. Studying both Comparative and International Politics gives me perhaps the largest possible playground to explore in my discipline. The questions I like to explore touch on the deeper questions of the nature of man and why we interact with one another the way we do."