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Submitting PR Requests

Important - Please Read These Guidelines Carefully

The Office of Public Relations is responsible for maintaining a consistent editorial and graphic identity in all official Catawba College publications and communications.

The PR Request form is intended for the production of official Catawba publications, electronic communications, stationery and external communication for faculty, staff, administration and official student projects. It is not intended for individual or personal use. For more information, please contact the Office of Public Relations at (704) 637-4393. If necessary, you can find our Branding Guidelines at

Publications and Online Services:
Requests for publications will be processed as quickly as possible, but please allow adequate time for design, editing and printing of your project. Please keep in mind that the more lead time you can give us, the better job we can do for you. We produce hundreds of publications on campus each year, ranging from bookmarks and postcards to the College catalogue and viewbook and CAMPUS magazine. Our office is also responsible for creating and administrating the majority of electronic communications, including the College's public websites, e-mails, social media accounts, news releases, multimedia and video, as well as providing branding and content assistance to the IT department for the College's internal websites (i.e. CatLink).


Sufficient lead time is needed for the creative process and to manage the volume of project requests we receive daily. The production timeline can vary greatly, depending on the complexity of the project, our workload and printing needs, from weeks to months. If you plan your requests well in advance, however, we will be able to work together to achieve the best possible result in the shortest amount of time. Consider the following, general guidelines when submitting your project request:


Reprint of existing project
i.e. No changes to text or photos in brochures, programs, forms

7 business days

Minor alterations to existing projects
i.e. Small changes to text or photos in brochures, programs, forms

21-28 business days

Moderate/significant changes to existing projects or small new projects
i.e. Brochures, advertisements, invitations, fliers, postcards

25-38 business days

Medium/large new projects and other writing- and design-intensive projects
i.e. Viewbooks, annual reports, magazines

42-57 business days


Updates to existing webpages, online forms, e-mails, social media

3-5 business days (5-20 days near the start/end of each semester)

Creation of new webpages, e-mails, online forms, or social media account

5-15 business days


Creation of new event programs; ordering stationery; ordering name tags and business cards

5-15 business days


Writing/publishing of news releases (includes interview process)

5 business days

* Please note that the schedule above assumes that both the PR department and your area will meet all deadlines. Returning proofs late and major alterations may delay the final delivery date, depending on the other projects in the office at the time.

Client Project Checklist

  • Contact Person: Each job should have ONE CONTACT PERSON responsible for gathering and funneling all information and is responsible for signing off on proofs. By submitting your project request to Public Relations, you acknowledge that you have have proofed, corrected, and approved your project to be produced.

  • Content: Incomplete copy, late copy and/or missing information can delay your project's projected delivery date — try to have copy as close to complete as possible. Proof and approve it BEFORE it comes to the designer.

  • Format: Provide copy in an electronic format. Word document is best, if possible.

  • Content Assistance: Files sometimes need a lot of clean-up, which takes extra time. Please let us know in advance if you need help writing your copy.

  • Images:        
    • We can help with images! We have a large and growing database of beautiful Catawba photos that can be used for many different publications. Sometimes, though, new images have to be shot. We can arrange a photographer, but if the shot includes students and/or faculty, it may be your responsibility to make those arrangements.
    • Please provide HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES which are around 5"x7" at 300 pixels per inch. That equals 1500 x 2100 pixels total. A good rule of thumb is by looking at the file size. High resolution images are usually 1 megabyte (Mb) or greater.
    • By submitting your photos, you give Catawba College permission to use them for nonprofit College marketing. Whenever possible please include all the information you know about the photos, including subject, people, context, etc.    

  • Layout and Paper: We will be happy to advise on format, style, and paper.

Although we proofread most documents, YOU are responsible for accuracy. Review your proofs carefully. Be sure to fact check all information (including dates, indicia information, spelling of names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses).

It is YOUR responsibility to:

  • Check for factual accuracy (pay special attention to headlines, subheads, and photo captions)
  • Verify the proper spelling of all names, titles, and middle initials
  • Double check dates, facts and figures
  • Make sure the correct contact information and web urls are included
  • Check spelling
  • Double check that all copy has been proofread against original copy or changes marked on the previous proof
  • Read all articles word for word for continuity
  • Make sure if possible more than one person checks the final proof in order to avoid project delays, requested changes and corrections to copy and artwork by all approving parties should be submitted when returning the initial proof. Continual changes to approved artwork are timely and inhibit us from meeting approved deadlines.

Projects over $1,000 Require Purchase Orders:
If your project exceeds $1,000 you must turn in  a P.O. Request, which must be handled by YOU and/or YOUR department.

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