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Credit by Exam

A) The College distinguishes between Placement Exams and Examinations given for credit as follows:

Placement Examination — usually College developed and administered; reduces distribution requirements; no grade given; no hours credit given.

Credit by Examination — includes AP and CLEP exams as well as College developed and administered exams; reduces the 124 s.h. graduation requirement; may be elective, major, or distribution course; grade is given; hours credit given.

B) Policy

  1. Credit for courses taught at Catawba College may be awarded be examination. Petitions for this option must first be approved by the department administering the examination. A refusal by a department to administer such an examination may be appealed to the Dean of the College.  All paper work must be filed in the Registrar's Office by the deadline date published on the academic calendar.
  2. This option of credit by examination is a privilege and will be prudently exercised in all cases.
  3. Only 8 semester hours per major and no more than 32 semester hours total will be allowed for credit by examination in a non-major course, he or she first must secure the approval of his advisor, then follow the procedures listed in #1.
  4. Students on academic probation or on conditional admitted status are not eligible to receive credit by examination.
  5. A student may not receive credit by examination for a course in which he or she has previously earned a "D" or an "F".
  6. No grade other than "S" will be awarded for credit by examination in any course at Catawba College. A student's permanent record will show an "S" for any course in which a student earns credit by examination by performing at the "C" level or better on the examination.
  7. If the student undergoes an examination for course credit and, subsequently, fails, he will not be penalized by a failing grade. Transcripts will show only "S" credit for credit given and no entry for failed exams. Fees collected for the examination will not be returned. If the student requests permission to re-take the examination, and if the administering department chair agrees to allow the student to take a second examination, the student will pay the standard fee. A student may not take an examination for the same course for credit by exam more than twice.
  8. When a student's request to attempt credit by examination is approved by a department, the student will file application, with the accompanying fee, in the Business Office. Upon successful completion of the examination, the Department Chairman will notify the Registrar of the grade and semester hours credit awarded.

*Adopted by the Catawba College Faculty, April 22, 1986.