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What Students Need to Know

What Students Need To Know

  1. You are responsible for presenting your own information.
  2. You may contact the Student Liaison Officer, to provide you with a student perspective on the conduct process. Please contact the Student Affairs Office for the name and contact information of the current Student Liaison Officer.
  3. You may object to someone serving on the board if there is a major conflict of interest.
  4. You have the right to bring witnesses. The witnesses must be members of the Catawba College community. You need to tell the Student Conduct Administrator who you would like present at the hearing.
  5. The complainant has the right to bring witnesses as well. The witnesses must be members of the Catawba College community.
  6. Witnesses are not permitted to sit through the entire hearing. They will only articipate during the appropriate time.
  7. You may prepare an opening and closing statement to read.
  8. You may bring paper and a pen to take notes.
  9. You may suggest questions to any witness through the Chair of the hearing.
  10. You have the right to an advisor. The advisor must be a member of the Catawba College community and may not be an attorney. You are responsible for finding an advisor if you so choose. The advisor may be present during the entire hearing, but may not speak.
  11. Your parent may NOT be present during the hearing.
  12. Your attorney may NOT be present during the hearing.
  13. While the Student Conduct Board is deliberating, you are not permitted to be in the room. You may bring something to work on while you wait.
  14. Dress- It is suggested that you wear a nice shirt and pants; not sweatpants. However, you may wear what you want.
  15. If you appeal, your appeal letter should include everything you want to say. The Appellate Board serves as a review board; therefore, they may not meet with you in person.
  16. Please refer to your Student Handbook on pages 13-21 and the addendums on the website for further information.