campus wide alert


If you are a student with a disability that may affect equal access to your college education, you are entitled to consideration for academic and/or service accommodations. This is an interactive process between the student and the institution. Each has specific responsibilities outlined below.

The Student is responsible...

  • To meet the academic and institutional standards for admission or participation
  • To self-identify by submitting a Student Disclosure form to the institution
  • To request accommodations and services in a timely manner according to institutional guidelines
  • To provide current documentation that meets the institutions guidelines
  • To respond to requests for additional information
  • To cooperate with the institution's right to have the documentation reviewed by appropriate experts
  • To provide due diligence to make sure the process works
  • To speak for him/herself- the student's parents cannot make the disclosure or request help for the student
  • To use the accommodations appropriately and as defined
  • To maintain effective communication and self-advocacy with faculty/staff who are providing assistance
  • To understand that a disability cannot be used to exempt a student from the disciplinary rules and procedures enforced with respect to the general student population

The College is responsible...

  • To provide clear documentation standards to students
  • To explain if the documentation is not sufficient
  • To provide due diligence to make sure the process works
  • To provide access to personnel to answer questions and address concerns
  • To select accommodations based on the standard of "reasonable accommodations" that do not fundamentally alter the purpose of intent of the program or activity
  • To provide accommodations that are tailored to each course, program, or activity - no blanket accommodations
  • To provide clear documentation of the grievance process to students when the system is not working properly