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ICC Guidelines

The Inter Club Council (ICC) is made up of all chartered club presidents and/or a representative that the chartered club appoints. The purpose of ICC is to encourage communication between all chartered clubs and provide any resources that clubs may need. The ICC will work together to inform the Student Body of the events they plan and will work together to accomplish programming needs of the institution.

ICC Members and Responsibilities
The president and treasurer of each club is a member of the ICC. These members will:

  1. Attend all ICC meetings! One club member may be nominated as an alternate to attend meetings in the case of an emergency.
  2. Complete the ICC Activity form.
  3. Complete the ICC Activity Review form 48 hours after events
  4. Present budget requests and attend budget hearings to be eligible for funding.
  5. Be the only club members to manage the school's money or credit cards.
  6. Bring up issues, comments, and concerns as they arise to ICC meetings.
  7. Schedule events on the activity calendar and reserve facilities before submitting budget requests.
  8. Provide current club information to the ICC Chair every year, and as changes are made. This information will be placed into a booklet provided to prospective students and published on Catawba's website.

All clubs will be responsible for:

  1. Planning, organizing, and sponsoring one school wide event each year. Your organization will have the opportunity at the beginning of each year to claim a semester to complete the event. If a club fails to choose a semester or there are too many events scheduled for one semester, clubs will be placed in a semester based on previous events by the Student Events Committee.
  2. Co-sponsor one school wide event each year. This event is recommended to be a Wigwam event, or other larger event. You are not responsible for the planning; however, you will be responsible for assisting during the event. If you fail to provide the assistance you have promised, you will be required to co-sponsor another event.
  3. Fundraising if clubs need personal funds (for parties, gifts, etc), but will not be held accountable by the ICC for holding a fundraiser each semester.
  4. SGA Officers representing classes must complete one event, one community service project, and one fundraiser each semester.
  5. Advertising events at least one week in advance.
  6. Spending money on requested and approved items only.

If any of the guidelines are not followed, the ICC has the right to declare a club dormant for the following semester. If a club remains dormant for three consecutive semesters, the SGA has the right to withdraw the club's charter.