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C2C: Catawba to Career

c2c2017.pngQuality Enhancement Plan

Career awareness is the focus of Catawba College's QEP.

The topic of career awareness is one that meets many aspects of not just what is going on in higher education today, but is also closely aligned with Catawba's mission: that through our value of "providing an education rich in personal attention," we seek to do so by blending 'the knowledge and competencies of liberal studies with career preparation."

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What is C2C?

Who: All sophomores (and any interested juniors and seniors)

Why:  To help students identify strengths, weaknesses, and experiences in relation to future career goals. To help students identify skills needed to support future career choices.



  • FOCUS 2 – A computer-assisted career guidance system will help students explore career paths based on their values, skills, and personality.

  • CAT-R – A career awareness transitional résumé will help students recognize important career skills and their progress toward attaining these skills.

  • Career awareness activities, events, and speakers – These events will represent a wide range of career opportunities and the specific skills needed for various careers.

How: Career awareness counselors will facilitate the program and work directly with students.

When: Beginning Fall 2015


Meet Our Staff


Kimberly A. Smith, M.Ed.
Director of Catawba to Career
Office: ADM 133
(704) 637-4765 


Jennifer Elium Board  ‘02
Assistant to C2C
Office: ADM 133
(704) 637-4497