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ncrc2013b.jpgInternships at Catawba

Most students today seek out internships and experiential learning opportunities to get a real life taste of their academic majors and to have something substantive to put on their resumes. Across Catawba's campus, students from all disciplines embrace such opportunities as a chance to network and make valuable contacts – contacts that will be useful to them when they begin their job search after graduation.

Most disciplines offer internship opportunities to enrich and supplement classroom experiences. These range from semester-long positions with area businesses, corporations, or governmental agencies to paid summer positions in various industries, including entertainment, medicine, travel, and tourism.

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Some of the recent or current internship and "hands-on" experiences at Catawba are below:

Finding an Internship

As part of its many services to students, the office of Career Services helps Catawba students find internships and experiential learning opportunities. Read more »

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