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Course Listing (2015)

Registration for winter term will begin October 26, 2015. See your advisor for a PIN number to register. Travel classes have limited space, so register early.

For individual course details including travel fees, see the instructors listed on the schedule below:


Course #






BIOL 1125 3 Biology in the Movies TBA Constance Lynn Rogers Lowery (P) No
ECON 1902 3 Principles of Microeconomics TBA James W. Slate (P) No
ECON 2401 3 Comparative Economic Systems TBA James W. Slate (P) No
ENGL 3361 3 TPS: Elements of Fiction TBA Forrest Anderson (P) No
ENV 1112 3 Environmental Concepts And Issues TBA Joseph P. Poston (P) No
FIN 2535 3 Managerial Finance TBA Jeffrey John Bowe (P) No
IS 2501 3 Management Information Systems TBA Pamela L. Thompson (P) No
MGT 2000 3 TPS: Graphic Design for Busine TBA Pamela L. Thompson (P) No
MGT 2564 3 Motivation & Leadership TBA Stephen R. Hiatt (P) No
MUS 1113 3 World Music TBA David L. Fish (P) No
MUS 3715 3 American Popular Music TBA Stephen C. Etters (P) No
PER 4201 1 Practicum TBA Carrie O. Graham (P) No
PER 4201 1-5 Practicum TBA James W Hand (P) No
POLS 1101 3 Intro to American Politics TBA Daniel Anthony Cicenia (P) No
POLS 3101 3 TPS: Contemp Political Theory TBA Daniel Anthony Cicenia (P) No
PSYC 2340 3 Child Psychology TBA Lyn T. Boulter (P) No
SPAN 1001 3 Elementary Spanish I TBA Alexandra Dietschi Henderson (P) No
SPAN 2052 3 Hispanic Culture In Literature And Film TBA J. Michael Wilson (P) No

**Courses including travel have a fee. Please contact the instructor for details.