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Study Abroad in Madrid, Spain

July 2-29, 2014

madrid.jpgCatawba students are invited to study in Madrid in July 2014 under the auspices of FORSPRO, now in its 38th year of operation. All program details are available at

Program Features:

  1. The last three nights will be spent in Paris before returning to the United States.
  2. During the month of July, the final three rounds of the FIFA World Cup will take place. Since Spain is the defending world champion, the atmosphere will definitely be exciting!
  3. There are also optional opportunities to visit great cities like Barcelona or Lisbon.



FORSPRO registration fee



FORSPRO airfare from NYC, tuition, room, board, health insurance*



Catawba College administrative fee






* NOTE: Read the Airline tab at the bottom of the FORSPRO webpage carefully. If you wish to arrange your own flights, FORSPRO will deduct $1100 from the price of the program. Please note, however, that you must also arrange your flight from Madrid to Paris.

madrid_student.jpgMultiple Classes Available
Students may take two classes if they wish to. Dr. Mike Wilson will teach Intermediate Spanish I and II in classes restricted to Catawba students only. Advanced Spanish classes and English-language culture courses are also available.

NOTE: When submitting registration forms/applications to FORSPRO, please write down in the course selection blanks ONLY those classes that are NOT Intermediate Spanish I or II. (Our classes do not appear on the schedule to avoid confusion for non-Catawba students.) Some students taking Intermediate I, which will meet in the morning, may want to have extra free time in Madrid. However, if you want to take two classes, you can enroll for Intermediate II OR take the English-language culture course in the afternoon.

Contact Dr. Wilson at for additional information.


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