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Catawba College in Madrid, Spain


July 3-31, 2017


In cooperation with FORSPRO, Catawba College will again offer the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid next summer. While designed primarily to permit Catawba language students to take SPAN 2011 and thus fulfill the foreign language requirement, the program also has both English-language culture, music, and art classes and more advanced Spanish offerings for other interested students. 

The price of $4725 ($4425 FORSPRO program fee + $300 Catawba College Administrative Fee) includes:

  • Round Trip International Airfare from NYC
  • Orientation tour of Madrid
  • Tuition for up to 2 classes (6 semester hours)
  • Single room with AC and all meals except Sunday supper
  • Final 4 nights in the exciting city of Barcelona before return flight
  • Optional (additional cost) 4-day trip to Lisbon, Portugal during program break

Full program details are available at Please note that students may receive a partial refund if they wish to arrange their own flights to and from Spain.

There is a $500 registration fee if accomplished before December 15; this fee will increase somewhat after that date. Balance of charges is payable before May 3.

Contact Dr. Mike Wilson ( for further information.  Be sure to contact Dr. Wilson for special registration instructions before submitting the application! All payments will be made to Catawba College and forwarded to FORSPRO.