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Important Information
The purpose of an International Study Scholarship at Catawba College is to enable a foreign study experience for as many students as possible within the limitations of available funds. Therefore, scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of need, not on merit. PLEASE NOTE: If you have not submitted a FAFSA for the Financial Aid Office, we have no basis for determining financial need and thus cannot consider your application for an award. Failure to receive an award in no way reflects on your academic performance or on your value to the institution, nor does it imply that you have no need for financial assistance. It means simply that others needed assistance even more than you did. Unfortunately, the available funds are not sufficient to offer aid to everyone. Please be assured that the College is constantly pursuing support for foreign study scholarships, and that our goal is to make a foreign study experience possible for all students of the college, regardless of their financial situation. In the meantime, funds are awarded as fairly as possible, based on information supplied by the Office of Financial Aid.

Awards are available only for college-sponsored educational programs, designated eligible by the Director of International Studies. The only exception is for students applying for a grant from the Messinger Fund which is restricted to programs undertaken to fulfill the foreign study requirement for the Spanish major. Ordinarily, only one award per academic year per student is permitted.

Questions may be directed to the instructor in charge of your program, or feel free to contact Dr. Steve Coggin or Ms. Ann Clifton