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Student Profiles

williams.jpgSuzanne Williams '13
Honors Student

"I like the Honors Program at Catawba because it has given me the opportunity to take classes that I would not normally take with other students who are just as motivated as I am about their education. Not only is everyone highly motivated, but each student also has a totally opinion about the topic that we may be discussing that day. I know that my professors expect great work from me; these high expectations and my fellow students are reasons that I work harder every day."


pantone.jpgMaura Pantone '13
Honors Student

"I like the Honors Program at Catawba College because it gives me a chance to have classes with students who are not only motivated to learn, but love learning. I am able to get so much more out of the honors classes than I would be able to get in a normal classroom environment. Also, the variety of classes offered in the Honors Program is great. There is a wide variety of different and unique types of classes available."