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COA is designed to take students on adventures all over North Carolina and nearby states, to give new perspectives on life, and to share what it feels like to be adventurous.


Mission & Goals

The mission of COA is to provide opportunities for Catawba students to experience the adventure of communing with God's creation through activities in the out of doors such as hiking, camping, biking, water sports and visiting special nature habitats and formations. These experiences will be in the context of fellowship with other students and campus community members which provides opportunities for participants to experience God's love and work in our lives and to grow in one's faith.

Through these opportunities the Lilly Center seeks to encourage and enable persons to develop an awareness of and appreciation for God's creation and their role as stewards of God's creation and to grow in the Christian faith. The sharing with other sojourners and seekers will facilitate spiritual growth and the development of leadership skills and accentuate an understanding of what it is to be children of God, called and claimed by God and gifted in ways that equips individuals for service and the sharing of God's love.


Who Can Participate?

COA events and activities are open to all students.

Become a COA

Required Forms

Please return the following form to Penny Rice in the Lilly Center:

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For more information or if you have questions, please contact us! 

Christopher Gratton  '15
Director of the Theology Institute / Director of Volunteer Catawba
Phone: (704) 637-4725


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Partial funding provided by the Lilly Center for Vocation and Values, Catawba Campus Ministry and the Margaret Davis Endowment.