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kendrajoyner.jpgKendra Joyner '11
Double Major in Religion and Philosophy and Political Science; Lilly Fellow

"I was looking for a college that has a sense of community, especially a strong faith community, and Catawba offered that. I originally planned to attend law school, but the Lilly Center helped me realize that I don't have to carry a big title in order to make a difference in people's lives. Many problems in our society stem from the fact that people don't really know who they are. The Lilly Center provided lots of opportunity for self-exploration and helped me find my own best path.”

Kendra is a member of the Retreat Leadership Corps and has been very active in helping plan and lead campus worship. She is also a recipient of the Paul Fisher Service Award. In short, she has been active in almost all of the Lilly Center initiatives.


Mollie Landers '08
Religion and Philosophy Major; Lilly Scholar

"My concentration is in Outdoor Ministries, and that's eventually what I want to do for a career — run my own camp. Catawba is the only college that I know of with an Outdoor Ministries concentration. Academically I've learned a lot about religion and philosophy but I've been able to take what I've learned in my classes and apply it directly to my life and my faith. I'm much more sure of the direction I want my life to take. I have a better understanding of the type of person I want to be, not just in my career but in my community."


Will Van Wieren '07
Sacred Music Major

"I have always felt that I would be involved in ministry in some capacity, yet I had some doubts and questions about my abilities. The many programs and activities of the Lilly Center have helped me wrestle with these tough questions while leading me to prayerfully discern my calling. I have realized that God doesn't call the equipped but rather equips the called. I will be forever grateful for the support and guidance of the Lilly Center at this pivotal time in my life."


Kim Smith
Catawba College Provost's Office

"Participating in the Lilly Center's Freshman Retreat changed how I viewed my role as a member of Catawba College's staff. It was a fantastic experience. I learned that I could have a positive influence on students and make a difference. I am so excited about continuing to be a role model and mentor to help students whenever I can. It was a privilege to participate..."


Jay Johnson '06
Environmental Science Major

"The effect that the Lilly Center has had on the Catawba College campus can be seen throughout the entire student body. Catawba College is a better community because of the experiences and opportunities that the Lilly Center has provided."


Rachel Bahr '04
Religion and Philosophy Major

"The Lilly program enables students to unite one's faith with one's career," explained Bahr. "I finally realized that I did not have to separate my theatre background and my hunger for peace and justice in our world. These two passions can walk hand in hand. And now, Catawba's Lilly Center is helping me actualize this dream by providing financial support while I complete my education. I am so blessed!"