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Works Relevant to Ecclesiastical Vocations

Called by God: A Theology of Vocation and Lifelong Commitment Marie Theresa Coombs & Francis Kelly Nemeck; 1992 Liturgical Press

Presents the theological foundation and implications of living one's life in union with God's will. Primarily concerned with the fundamental human vocation of accepting who one is within the paradigm of creation, redemption, and sanctification/transformation.

God's Yes Was Louder than My No: Rethinking the African American Call to Ministry William H. Meyers; 1994 Eerdmans         

"An outstanding study of the call to ministry among African American clergy. This is the broadest and deepest study of African American call stories and narratives ever written…." (Lawrence H. Mamiya, Vassar College)

In Good Company: The Fast Track from the Corporate World to Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience James S. J. Martin; 2000 Sheed and Ward         

The story of one young man's journey from corporate America to the Society of Jesus, the world's largest Catholic religious order.

Is it I Lord? Discerning God's Call to be a Pastor James Chatham; 2003 Presbyterian Publishing Corporation         

Chatham offers resources for those seeking to become pastors and guides readers through the discernment process.

Testing and Reclaiming Your Call to Ministry Robert C. Schnase; 1991 Abingdon         

"Schnase explores as a pastor what it means to discern God's will for one's life. As a practical theologian, he reflects on the cultural shock of leaving seminary, experiencing conflict and criticism in the parish, and questioning the nature of one's call. It is an invitation for passion and grace!" (Donald E. Messer, Illiff School of Theology)

What Shall I Say? Discerning God's Call to Ministry Walter R. Bouman & Sue M. Setzer; 1995 ELCA         

Provides guidance and direction for individuals in the ministerial discernment process.

Who Will Go For Us? An Invitation to Ordained Ministry Dennis Campbell; 1994 Abingdon         

Helps decide if the ministry is a viable option for the individual. Explains the roles and responsibilities of ordained ministers, and details the sacrifices that must be made.