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Alpha Program


What's an Alpha?
Think back to your first weeks as a student here on campus. Remember the one or two people assigned to your FYS group as helpers during Orientation? Those students were part of the Alpha Program! 

An Alpha is a student at Catawba who helps incoming first years through their orientation week! Alpha's help first years register for classes for the first time and also help them navigate campus during their first week as students. You are assigned to a FYS professor, and help them throughout the week as well!

alphas1415.pngWhat's our mission as Alphas?
The Alpha Program strives to provide a support system that makes adjusting to college life as seamless as possible through mentorship of incoming first years, while also assisting FYS Instructors with the Orientation process.

If you are a compassionate, enthusiastic, and supportive member of the Catawba Community, consider this opportunity!

Orientation 2014:

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