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What if my student gets sick?

We have two full time nurses on staff. There is always a nurse available from 8am until 5pm, Monday thru Friday. We have doctors on campus from 8am until 9am, Monday thru Thursday. The health insurance that Catawba has covers the cost of the doctor's and nurse's visits. The health center also can provide your student with common over the counter medications and supplies. For other medications, the doctor can write a prescription and the nurses can call the prescription in for the student.

What if my student needs to see a counselor during the year?

Catawba employs a full time counselor. Dr. Nan Zimmerman can assist your student in any area that they need and the conversations will be kept confidential.

What type of beds do the residence halls have?

ALL beds on campus (except for Stanback) have standard twin-sized beds.

What meal plans are offered?

See the meal plan options for commuter and resident students.

What if my student does not get along with their roommate?

The best advice you could give is to tell them to keep open communication with their roommate. As a parent, you may want to fix the problem. The best thing you can do for your student is support them. Have your student try to live with that person for a few weeks and work out the problems. If this does not resolve the issue, the first step to take is for your student to talk with their Resident Advisor (RA). The RA will attempt to mediate the situation and may even have an Assistant Director of Residence Life assist. If the situation cannot be resolved, the Assistant Director will provide your student a list of potential places the student can move. Please encourage your student to talk with the resident life staff so that they can assist them.

When is Family Weekend?

Schedule and information can be found on the Family Weekend website.

Do I have access to my student's educational records?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 is a federal law that states student educational records are private records. Students may review their records upon request. If the student would like for a parent/guardian to be able to view or discuss the student educational record, the student must sign a waiver.

There is a notification policy in the Student Handbook that allows for student conduct concerns to be shared with other College officials whom have a need to know.