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New Student Checklist


Required Students




Acceptance/Denial of Financial Assistance

ALL Incoming Students

Log in to your Catlink account to accept/decline financial awards for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Immediately Upon Deposit

Campus Housing Application

All Residential Students

Submit the campus housing form to secure your spot in one of our campus residence halls and obtain a roommate.

Immediately Upon Deposit

Freshman Retreat

ALL Incoming Freshman

Sign up for a two-day retreat to the mountains or lake retreat center. Retreats are designed to orient you to your fellow classmates, faculty, and staff before the hectic start of the year.

Tuesday, July 1

First Year Seminar

ALL Incoming Freshman & Transfers w/ Less Than 18 Semester Hours of College-Level Coursework

Choose the first year seminar class that is most intriguing to you. FYS is a course designed to help you learn skills that will be valuable to your Catawba experience and integrate thinking with other incoming students based on topics that are chosen according to the professor's interests.

Monday, July 7

Catawba Advantage Workshops

All Support FYS & Conditional Admit Students - Invited students should have received an e-mail and/or note on their acceptance letter about this event.

Register for the three-day workshop that is designed to help you get a head-start in building skills that will allow you to succeed at Catawba.

Workshops: June 29-July 1; July 7-9 Registration: As Soon As Possible

Tuition, Room & Board Billing

ALL Incoming Students

Review the bill that was mailed to you from the business office and either pay your balance or sign up for a pay plan.

Tuesday, July 15

Health History & Physical Exam Forms

ALL Incoming Students

Complete and submit the health history form, immunization history forms (parts I-II), and physical examination form.

Tuesday, July 22

Athletic Health Forms

All Athletes

Refer to the link for specific forms and directions. All athletic health forms should be submitted to Bob Casmus.

Upon Arrival to Campus for Pre-Season Activity or Orientation

Insurance Requirement

ALL Incoming Students

If the student already has health insurance, s/he must submit an Insurance Waiver and a copy of the approriate insurance card. Students that are not already insured must sign up for insurance with Catawba and will be billed by the business office accordingly.

Saturday, August 16

Final Transcripts

ALL Incoming Students

Freshman have final transcripts sent to the Catawba College Admissions Office directly from your high school and college (if dual enrolled). Transfers should have final high school transcripts and final college transcripts sent directly from your institutions.


Saturday, August 16

AP Exam Scores

All Entering Students Hoping to Satisfy College Credit with AP Courses

Have scores sent from the testing center to our registrar's office.

Saturday, August 16

New Student Orientation

ALL Incoming Students

Move in to your dormitory and attend sessions such as: welcoming assembly, class registration, meet and greets, FYI parent sessions, placement tests, major information meetings, campus employment workshop, common reading discussion, club fair, convocation, etc.

Event Dates: August 16-19


ALL Incoming Students

Register for the notification system that alerts the college community to any emergencies affecting the campus.

Saturday, August 16

Summer Common Reading

ALL Incoming Freshman & Transfers w/ Less Than 18 Semester Hours of College-Level Coursework

Read the selection that will provide a discussion base in First Year Seminar and other programs throughout your first year at Catawba.

Tuesday, August 18


ALL Incoming Students

Register your car with public safety and obtain a parking pass.

Upon Arrival to Campus

Meal Plan

All Residential and Interested Commuting Students

Adjust your meal plan according to your needs. Note: All residential students are required to have a meal plan.

Requests for non-default plans must be submitted by the Fall drop/add date.