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Orientation Schedule for New Students in the First Year Seminar

Final 2016 New Student Orientation Schedule
for Students in the First-Year Seminar

August 13-16, 2016
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**Schedule Subject to Change**

Saturday, August 13

Campus offices open from 10:00 am-4:30 pm.  We’re here to help!

In the Hedrick Administration Building:   
Business Office
Financial Assistance
Registrar (until 2 pm only) 

In the Cannon Student Center:    
Proctor Health Center
Student Affairs

In Hoke Hall:
Information Technology (IT)     

Also: Corriher-Linn Black Library

Orientation Schedule for all Students

8:30 am-12 noon


Check‑in for ALL new students — Transfer, Early College, Re-Entering, Commuter, and Residents, including those who have already moved in: Robertson College-Community Center.



Orientation Luncheon, courtesy of Chartwells, for all new students and families: Peeler Crystal Lounge.

Meet, mingle, and eat with fellow new students, faculty, and staff!



Welcoming Assembly for new students and their families: Keppel Auditorium.

Immediately following
Welcoming Assembly


"Get Acquainted" Meetings: All new students and families meet with faculty advisors in designated campus locations.

Following the "Get
Acquainted" Meetings


"Taking care of business:" Time for parents and students to visit important campus offices (e.g., Business Office, Financial Aid, Admissions) if needed before leaving campus.  IT services (for network and computing questions), Student Affairs (IDs), and the Proctor Health Center (for immunization and insurance questions) are also open. 

Student Affairs personnel (counseling, residence life) are available in the Office of Student Affairs, and representatives from Public Safety, Career Services and C2C (Catawba to Career), and Chartwells Dining are available for questions in the Leonard Lounge in the Cannon Student Center.



"Time to Let Go". Families and students bid farewell.



Advising Group Meeting and Dinner: New FYS students, ALPHAs, and advisors meet and have dinner in their Advising classrooms.



Fun Fest!  Bungee jumping, caricature, cornhole, and more!  Make your own dry erase board, sponsored by the SGA.  Stanback Plaza.


Sunday, August 14

Campus Offices Open from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. We’re here to help!

In Hedrick Administration Building:

In Hoke Hall:
Information Technology

In the Cannon Student Center:
Proctor Health Center
Student Affairs

Orientation Activities for all Students



Breakfast: Cannon Student Center Dining Hall.



Campus Worship: Omwake-Dearborn Chapel.



Lunch: Cannon Student Center Dining Hall.



Writing Placement Sample:  Composition Writing Sample for selected students.  Tom Smith Auditorium, Ketner Hall.



Placement Interview: Students with AP credit in English report to room 201, Ketner Hall.



Advising Group Meeting: FYS students meet in designated classroom locations



Information Meetings for Prospective Majors:

  • Business Administration, Accounting, Economics and Finance, Management, Marketing, Information Systems, International Business, and Communications Arts (including Integrated Marketing Communications and Sports Communications):  Tom Smith Auditorium

  • Elementary Education and Special Education (Elementary Concentration):  Room 108, Ketner Hall

  • History and Politics, Administration of Justice, Pre-Law, and Public Administration:  Room 322, Hedrick Administration Building

  • Humanities (Literature, Writing, Religion, Philosophy, Spanish):  Room 204, Hedrick Administration Building

  • Mathematics, Mathematical Finance, and Computer Science:  Room 213, Ketner Hall

  • Music (including Music Performance, Music Education, Music Business, Sacred Music, Worship Arts, Popular Music, Choral/Instrumental Groups, and Music Minors):  Hoke Hall Room 200. 

    Immediately following the Information Meeting for all Prospective Music Majors:

    Individual auditions for the following ensembles will begin in Williams Music Building and continue if needed at 7:00 pm.   Audition Room Locations:  Wind Ensemble - Williams Music Building Room 103;  Choirs consisting of Singers, Chamber Ensemble, and Pop A Cappella - Williams Music Building Room 006

    The music theory placement test will be administered at 3:30 in Williams Music Building, Room 017, following the Information Meeting, for all prospective majors and minors who have not yet taken it Those students may then take the math placement interview at 4:45 pm

  • Physical Education, Recreation, Therapeutic Recreation, Sport Management, Exercise Science, and Athletic Training:  Room 109, Abernathy Physical Education Center

    Psychology:  Room 233, Hedrick Administration Building

  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Studies, Environmental Education, Sustainable Business and Community Development, and all Allied Health Professions including Pre-Medical, Vet, and Pharmacy):  Room 107, Shuford Science Building

  • Sociology:  Room 303, Hedrick Administration Building

  • Theatre Arts (Theatre Arts, Musical Theatre, Theatre Arts Education, and Theatre Arts Administration):  Hedrick Little Theatre, Robertson College-Community Center.  Musical Theatre students must come to this meeting first and then take the music theory placement test in Williams Music Building 017 after 3:30 pm.  Your math placement test will be taken at 4:45 pm



Middle School and Secondary Education Prospective Majors and Minors (including Special Education:  Middle and High School Concentrations)Ketner 108.



Math Placement Interview: Wave I advising groups, Tom Smith Auditorium, Ketner Hall.



Math Placement Interview: Wave II advising groups and prospective middle and secondary majors and minors, Tom Smith Auditorium, Ketner Hall.

5:15pm Wave I


Dinner: Cannon Student Center Dining Hall.

6pm Wave II


Dinner: Cannon Student Center Dining Hall.



Drop in to the “Coffee Break @ the 3rd Place Coffee House.” Meet some new friends, learn about upcoming opportunities and programs, and maybe even win a prize!



Catawba Soccer: Frock Field
Get into the soccer spirit as the men’s and women’s soccer team play exhibition games.



Auditions for Musical Ensembles:  For choral and instrumental groups, for those interested students who have not yet auditioned.  Follow the room schedule given at the 3 pm information meeting.



High-Stakes Orientation Bingo: Peeler Crystal Lounge


Monday, August 15



Breakfast: Cannon Student Center Dining Hall.



Transfer and re-entering students: Check in and prepare for advising and registration, Tom Smith Auditorium, Ketner Hall.



Placement Test: Foreign Language exams and interviews.

  • German: Room 219, Hedrick Hall

  • French: Room 213, Ketner Hall

  • Spanish: Hedrick Administration Building, Rooms 322 and 331. All students for Spanish placement should report to room 322 for further direction



Advising Group Meeting:  Meet in designated locations.



Lunch:  Cannon Student Center Dining Hall.



Seminar Professors Lunch: First-Year Seminar professors meet for lunch in the Hurley Room.



Advising Group Meeting: Class schedule preparation. Meet in designated locations.



Dinner: Cannon Student Center Dining Hall.



Phi Beta Lambda Interest Meeting, College Division of Future Business Leaders of America: Professional business fraternity, open to all business majors and other students with an interest in business. Tom Smith Auditorium, Ketner Hall.



Blue Masque Interest Meeting:  Open to all students interested in theatre.  Hedrick Little Theatre, Robertson College-Community Center.



Dance auditions:  For all new students interested in dance placement for classes and ensembles.



Mentalist Chris Carter Theater of Thought:  Mind reading in the Cannon Student Center.


Tuesday, August 16



Breakfast: Cannon Student Center Dining Hall.



Advising Group Meeting: Meet in designated locations, as needed (various times) according to registration schedule.



Registration:  All First-Year Seminar students (computer labs in library, Ketner Hall, Center for the Environment, and Hedrick 228, according to schedule).



Campus Employment/Work Study Meeting I  for those students who register before 9:30 am:  Mandatory meeting for any student with work-study or campus employment. Hedrick Little Theatre



Campus Employment/Work Study Meeting II  for those students who register after 9:30 am:  Mandatory meeting for any student with work-study or campus employment.  Hedrick Little Theatre

Campus Employment/Work Study Meeting: This meeting is required for any student who plans on working on campus and students who do not attend a meeting cannot hold a work study or campus employment position during the 2016-2017 year.  Attend only the meeting that corresponds to your availability from registration.



Lunch: Cannon Student Center Dining Hall.

12 noon


International Students Meeting:  Mandatory meeting, Hedrick Administration Building, room 204.



Common Community Reading Discussion:  FYS groups meet in their classrooms.



Convocation:  Official opening of the 2016-2017 Catawba College Academic Year and pledging of the Honor Code.  Omwake-Dearborn Chapel.  Immediately following the release of Convocation:  Community Party and Dinner:  Trustees, faculty, students, staff, and coaches.



Dinner and Club Fair:  Stanback Plaza.



Sustainable Catawba!  Evening activities, Stanback Plaza.