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Alumni Highlights

Kia Thao '14
Biology Major

"I decided to go to Catawba  because of the small campus. As a student, it is easier to talk and meet with the professors than compared to universities. I'm majoring in Biology because I want to become a radiologic technologist."

cooke.jpgAna Cooke '12
Biology Major; Chemistry Minor

"I chose Catawba because it was the perfect fit for me. I knew that coming to Catawba would provide the best undergraduate experience for me, especially when it came to the learning atmosphere. I decided to major in Biology, and later minor in Chemistry, because I knew that I always wanted to go into medicine, and when I entered college I figured the best option would be to go the science, Pre-Med route. The Biology Department became almost a second family to me in my last few years at Catawba. I plan to continue to my education by going on to Physician's Assistant school, and I know that Catawba, especially the faculty and friends I came to know there, will help me reach my goals in the future."

hall.jpgCandace Hall '12
Biology Major

"I chose Catawba because I knew I would receive a much more personal experience at a small school. Every class I took at Catawba was small and all my professors were very helpful. I love animals and nature, which is why I chose to major in Biology, and my love for these things simply grew with my time and experiences at Catawba."

Jeff Blevins '12
Biology Major

"I really appreciate the care that the faculty has for the education of their students. I've always been interested in science and I chose to major in Biology because I love the intricacies of how things work in organisms, from the cellular level up. Going to school at Catawba was a great experience and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for me in the future."

devlin.jpgSarah Devlin '12
Biology Major; 10-11 SGA Executive Vice-President

"I fell in love with Catawba as soon as I stepped foot on campus! Life as a Biology major is always exciting and the relationships I formed with my professors truly shaped my college experience! After graduation, I plan to attend Optometry school. I am so grateful for Catawba's tight-knit Biology Department that helped me achieve my goals as an undergraduate."

jackson.jpgLindsey Jackson '10
Physician's Assistant Student

"My first draw to Catawba was the Athletic Training Program, but the Lord had other plans for me. I chose Chemistry because it was what I was good at in high school, but turns out, after taking Microbiology, I am a biologist (particularly a microbiologist). My professors and advisors were there to support me and give me the encouragement I needed to graduate and find my calling, not as a physician, but as a physician's assistant.

I appreciate Catawba's Biology Department for introducing me to a world of angiosperms and gymnosperms, where all things have some sort of 'sex' — even bacteria, but allowing me, in the end, to have the freedom to choose projects and research that interest me!"


flynn.jpgLauren Flynn '08

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Catawba. I loved the small intimate classes from the first day my freshman year and then grew to love all the faculty of Catawba College, especially those in the science department. They are always there for you, friendly and willing to help."

alum_idol.jpgDavid Idol '09

Idol is employed at the Center for the Environment at Catawba as an intern in the Catawba Energy Corps program. Idol also serves as an adjunct biology lab instructor at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, and is an owner/operator at his family's farm, Legacy Farms of Kernersville, N.C. He has served as an organics lab tech with Research & Analytical Laboratories in Kernersville where he did environmental testing.


alum_hale.jpgLilia Repnikova-Hale '05
Physician's Assistant Student, Wake Forest University

"Catawba's professors provided me with the confidence to undertake and succeed in my desired goals. Personal attention gave me insight I would never have received at a larger college."

alum_newton.jpgSteven Newton '04
Medical Student, Wake Forest University

"I definitely learned a lot at Catawba. The education I received there has allowed me to be very competitive with students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. As a word of advice to those aspiring doctors out there — whatever you do ... TAKE ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY if you are thinking of going to med school!!! It will definitely help you."


Kristen N. Fobbs '03

"Catawba provided me with a "one-on-one" education. I was able to take full advantage of the knowledge and resources the faculty had to offer. My experience was a blessing in my life that I am truly grateful for and will never forget."

What Kristen likes about her job:
"Knowing my hard work will be used to help those suffering from cardiovascular disease."

alum_wilhem.jpgAshley J. Wilhelm '05
Graduate student at Wake Forest University

"I enjoyed every bit of the time that I spent at Catawba. The guidance of my professors and the research experience that I gained while at Catawba were instrumental in my acceptance into graduate school. The small class sizes in the sciences allowed me to receive hands on experience in a variety of areas. I left Catawba well prepared for graduate school. I do not think that I would be where I am today if I had not received such an excellent education at Catawba."

What Ashley liked best about Catawba:
"The professors. When I was choosing a college, one of the most important things was that I didn’t want to be just a number. At Catawba, all of the professors made an effort to learn everyone’s name on the first day of class. Outside of class, if they saw me on campus they would always speak and say hello. Their doors were never closed to students. I know that my professors genuinely cared about my education and my future and I respect them greatly for that. I give them a lot of credit for me being where I am today."

Why Catawba?
"When you choose Catawba, you become part of a family. You will always feel at home at Catawba."


alum_slaughter.jpgJonathan L. Slaughter '00
M.D., Wake Forest University School of Medicine; Pediatric Resident, Medical University of South Carolina

"Catawba gave me a chance to grow both academically and also to discover my ideals. I received a wonderful undergraduate science and liberal arts education in small classes taught by caring professors. Our science lab experiences were perfectly sized for learning the fundamentals of biology and chemistry. Catawba gave me the chance to serve in leadership positions through many clubs and organizations, and college sports (cross country)."

What Jonathan likes about his job: "Working with children and helping sick children get better."

alum_mckinnon.jpgElizabeth Hewitt McKinnon '05
Graduate Student at UNC-Chapel Hill

"While at Catawba, I learned more about myself and became more independent. The smaller classes and one-on-one instruction from the faculty helped me succeed as well as reach my goal of Physical Therapy school."


Alex C. Whitley '00
Ph.D., Medical University of South Carolina; 2nd yr. medical student at the University of Alabama @ Birmingham

"Catawba being a small college provided two things for my current success — accountability and unique opportunities in the classroom setting that aren't feasible at larger schools."

alum_proctor.jpgAlisha Proctor '93
Histology Technical Supervisor

"I can remember the lab's that were assigned with the science courses were such a burden. However, I have to admit, I use the information I was taught in my line of work. I think Catawba's education contributed to my being able to find my interests. Then, it enabled me to enter the workforce with confidence and independence."


Jeremy Mabe '97
Toxicologist, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company

"Most of my academic memories of Catawba revolve around the Science building with class, labs, and late night study sessions. I learned the basis of all the science I do today in that building. From how to balance a checkbook, to how to identify unknown bacteria, my days at Catawba were filled with valuable learning experiences."

Kurt Cribb '02
Special Projects Coordinator

"My Catawba education helped me grow as a person and helped me see the world around me a little differently. I am more open-minded to the views of others. I learned to listen to colleagues' points of views, which always help me learn more about them."

Holly Myers Weir '00
M.S., Wake Forest University; Faculty, Davidson County Community College

"I have used instructing techniques I saw at Catawba to help my students learn the material. I have also been able to provide ideas on curriculum requirements by comparing what coursework I took at Catawba."

Holly worked on an exciting project that investigated a cancer resistant mouse model which was showcased on CNN and other news stations. Her husband, Michael, is a '99 Environmental Science major graduate. Michael is a water treatment plant operator.

alum_frye.jpgChris T. Frye '89
M.S., Wake Forest University; State Botanist, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

"I was well prepared for the more intensive and self-directed coursework and research required of graduate students."


Cybil Dyson Jones '00
P.A., East Carolina University

"The individual educational attention I received at Catawba was a huge key to my success in academics."

Kimberly Chichester '99
Graduate student at Wake Forest University

"I truly enjoyed how close knit the community was. I felt like I knew everyone and that we all had a vested interest in each other. This was true of both the student body and the faculty. I did not fully appreciate the time my professors gave me until I saw how little interaction students had with professors at larger schools."

Chris Bullers '02
Medical student at East Carolina University

"I don't think I could have had a better academic experience. I have as yet to meet anyone since graduation that I felt had a better undergraduate science background than what I received at Catawba. It's a good feeling to walk into a job or graduate school and have confidence that you are prepared for whatever they need."