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Dr. Steve Coggin SteveCoggin.jpg

Office: SSB 204
Phone: (704) 637-4110

  • Associate Provost
  • Professor of Biology
  • Ph.D., University of Georgia

Interests: Fractals in cell growth, complexity theory in cytoplasmic streaming

Professors Emeriti

Dr. Michael J. BaranskiMikeBaranski.JPG

  • Professor Emeritus of Biology
  • Ph.D., in botany and ecology from NC State University

Baranski joined the Catawba faculty in 1974 and spent his career at Catawba teaching a wide range of subjects, most notably field courses. He also took a leadership role on campus promoting environmental preservation, conservation, and awareness among his students and the public at large. Baranski retired in 2012 after 38 years of service to the College.

Dr. George Drum

  • Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Biology
  • Ph.D., Tulane University

    Dr. Drum retired from Catawba after 23 years of service to the College.

Associate Professors

Dr. Sue Calcagni
Office: CENV 303
Phone: (704) 637-4296

  • Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
  • Ph.D., Duke University

Interests: aquatic toxicology, watershed studies, environmental physiology, biodiversity

Dr. Joe PostonJoePoston.jpg

Office: SSB 102
Phone: (704) 637-4443

  • Associate Professor of Biology
  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Interests: Animal Behavior, Ornithology, Ecology

Dr. Constance Rogers-Lowery ConnieLowery.jpg

Office: SSB 203
Phone: (704) 645-4803

  • Associate Professor
  • Ph.D., Wake Forest University

Interests: Physiology of corals

Dr. John Wear JohnWear.JPG

Office: CENV 200
Phone: (704) 637-4738

  • Director of Center for the Environment
  • Associate Professor of Biology
  • Ph.D., Wake Forest University

Interests: Aquatic ecology, water quality, sustainable living

Assistant Professors

Dr. Jay F. Bolin jaybolin.jpg
Office: ENV 209
Phone: (704) 637-4450

  • Assistant Professor
  • B.S., Virginia Tech
  • M.S., Ph.D., Old Dominion University
  • Post-Doctoral study, Smithsonian Institution Dept. of Botany
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Interests: plant systematics, molecular phylogenetics, plant ecology, parasitic plants

Dr. Carmony L. HartwigCarmonyHartwig.JPG

Office: SSB 204
Phone: (704) 637-4742

  • Assistant Professor
  • B.S., College of William and Mary
  • M.S., Ph.D., Old Dominion University
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In her own words:
"Science is a source of steadfast excitement for me, so being enthusiastic about biology comes naturally. I thrive on connecting biological concepts with other disciplines and everyday phenomena. My area of expertise is Molecular Parasitology, with a focus on the mechanism of endoperoxide-class drug activity in Plasmodium falciparum; one of five protozoan species that results in human malaria."  Read More »

Adjunct Faculty

Mrs. Karen GordonKarenGordon.jpg
Visiting Instructor