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Alumni Highlights

Brooke Baumgarten '16
Chemistry Major

"The chemistry department faculty are great at supporting us in any endeavor that we set forth to conquer. They make sure that we know what has to be done and that we start it early enough to be successful. I do not regret my decision to attend Catawba College and would do it all over again."

Brooke is currently attending Florida International University where she is pursuing her Doctorate Degree with a focus on Forensic Science.


Edward Robinson IV '16
Chemistry Major

Ed is currently enrolled in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University where he plans to obtain a pharmacy degree.


Amber Williamson '15
Chemistry Major

"Catawba Chemistry department did far more than just teach me chemistry. It gave me exciting opportunities to explore different career option and ultimately find my passion. Through Catawba, I was also able to meet people that made a huge impact on my life. I am forever grateful to the professors who treated me like family and were very involved in shaping my future. The lifelong friends that I met at Catawba continue to play a very important role in my professional and personal life. Without Catawba, I would not be who I am today."


Jacob Hill '12
Chemistry Major

"The most impressive thing I found in the Chemistry department at Catawba is the willingness of the professors to facilitate help and resources for who are willing to put the work in. Catawba appealed to me because there was opportunity to work with other students, professors, and advisors to extend education beyond coursework and develop as a person and member of the community."


Rachel Cone '12
Chemistry Major

"The reason I chose Catawba was because my parents went here and I fell in love with the campus! I chose the Chemistry Department because I want to become a doctor and knew the personal attention I received would help me accomplish my future goal."


sabat.jpgCarly Sabat '11
Chemistry Major; Softball; Will attend the School of Pharmacy at the University of South Carolina

"I was looking for a school that would provide me with the personal attention and great education I would need to succeed, and those traits are exactly what I found in Catawba. The moment I stepped on campus, I fell in love with it. The campus is beautiful.

All the professors have an open door policy and are always willing to help. The students are known for who they are and are not just a number in the classroom. If you are willing to put in the effort, the professors will go above and beyond to provide their students with the materials and education needed to succeed. I can honestly say that the Chemistry Department prepared me for life and gave me an excellent foundation."

Sabat researched lip balm as part of her senior project and garnered accolades for herself and for the college. Being at Catawba, she says, taught her how to study and prepared her to go to the next step. Sabat plans a career in retail pharmacy.

manser.jpgJoe Manser '11
Chemistry Major; Attending the Ph.D. program at the University of Notre Dame

"I chose Catawba because I liked the small student to faculty ratio and I fell in love with the campus. The faculty always have an open door and are ready and more than willing to help anytime you have a question or concern. There are so many ways to get involved on campus through activities, clubs, and societies that everyone has the opportunity to find a niche and meet a wide variety of people from all different majors. I chose chemistry because it can be applied to almost every aspect of life and it is the foundation of all other sciences. I am attending the Ph.D. program at the University of Notre Dame, where I plan to focus my research on improving the efficiency of harnessing solar and other renewable energy resources so that countries around the world can move towards a fossil fuel-free society in the relatively near future."

griffin.jpgNate Griffin '11
Chemistry Major; Attending the graduate program in analytical chemistry at UNC Chapel Hill

"Catawba has a very warm and inviting campus. The people are friendly, the faculty are approachable, and the atmosphere makes you feel welcome. I was originally only a Biology major and quickly added Chemistry as a second major due to the influence of the Chemistry faculty and the myriad of opportunities this would open for me. I leave the small Chemistry Department having completed research at the FBI Couterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit, the UNC Nutrition Research Institute, and the polymer science program at the University of Southern Mississippi. The department helped me find my path to UNC Chapel Hill's chemistry graduate program where I will pursue a Ph. D. in analytical chemistry. Many of these opportunities would not of been possible without the encouragement and support of the chemistry department."

Hannah Burleson
Chemistry Major

"I truly enjoyed my time as a Chemistry major at Catawba. The professors are all so wonderful and know how to encourage students to become better scientist. I can remember being a freshman and how afraid I was to mess things up in the lab at first. To begin with the professors had to explain a lot of things, but as time went on I gained more freedom to figure things out on my own. They are always there if you have a question or just need to talk. I also enjoyed getting to know the other chemistry majors. There is no way that you can't become friends with them after spending so many hours in the lab working with them. It was a wonderful experience that has prepared me in so many ways to continue on to graduate school."


Kimberly Chapman '07
Chemistry Major

"I attended a larger university just before transferring to Catawba, where I felt like a number instead of a student. At Catawba, the ratio of professor to student is excellent giving you the one-on-one attention everyone deserves. I learned and accomplished a great deal more at Catawba than I ever would have at a large university."


Brandie Shick '07
Attending Chiropractic School

"Academically, the chemistry department helped me plan and prepare for my career goals of attending Chiropractic school by requiring a majority of the same classes needed as prerequisites for entering Chiropractic school. Also, in reference to classes, the chemistry department helped me gain experience in maintaining the balance between lab and lecture. In terms of the professors, the chemistry department offered sufficient advice to guide me in pursuing my goal of Chiropractic care."


Chris Junker '07
Chemistry Major; Ph.D., Wake Forest University

"The chemistry department at Catawba was very supportive and helpful in my studies. The faculty challenged me in many ways and greatly prepared me for graduate school. I received the training, preparation, and guidance that would not have been available at a larger institution."

Junker accepted a position as senior scientist at Reynolds American, an analytical research group that was looking for an organic chemist to help with separations and possibly synthesis. He earned is Ph.D. in April 2011 from Wake Forest University.


Kendall Prescott '05
Director of Product Development, R.E. Prescott Co., Inc.

"(Catawba) allowed me to take risks and learn to go after what I want, in both a professional and determined manner."

Elliott Keller '04
Graduate student, New England College of Optometry

"The students in the chemistry department were a big family and always helped each other. Chemistry students need to work together and hang out with each other."

Jewel Jones Glassman' 01
Analytical Chemist, Eli Lilly Corporation

"It amazes me the difference my education at Catawba has made in my career. With the small class size of Catawba, I feel I was able to ask more questions and gain more valuable instrumentation experience than many of my coworkers who attended much larger schools. The real life experiences I gained through my research seminar class helped me make my first career decision."


Leslie Thomas Grab' 99
Ph.D., Wake Forest University; J.D., UNC-Chapel Hill

"A unique combination of cutting edge science and law" is what chemistry major, Leslie Thomas Grab, likes about her job.


Justin D. Miller '98

M.D., Albany Medical College; Ear, Nose and Throat resident, University of Rochester

"I learned how to succeed at Catawba and now I feel I can do it anywhere."

Heath Bost '97
Medical Sales Representative

"Catawba helped me strengthen my core values and motivation to learn with an exceptional faculty and diverse curriculum."

Teresa Hill Welch '97
Ph.D., Clemson University; Postdoctoral Fellow at Emory University.

"The small chemistry department provides an educational environment that allows for strong faculty student interactions, where the faculty are more than professors, but mentors for personal, professional and scientific development."