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CarolMiderski.jpgDr. Carol Ann Miderski
Office: SSB 207
Phone: (704) 637-4338
Fax: (704) 637-4204

  • Professor of Chemistry
  • B.A. Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Ph.D. University of Notre Dame
  • Area of Specialization: Physical Chemistry

RichardMacri.jpgDr. Richard V. Macri
Office: SSB 304
Phone: (704) 645-4588

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • B.S., Chemistry, UNC Wilmington
  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Dr. Richard Macri has professional interest "in the synthesis and testing of new drugs, specifically towards treatment of diabetes and fibromyalgia." If chemistry had not won over his academic passion, he would have done something with computers. "I'm a computer geek," he explains. "I spent four years in the Marine Corps where I was an aviation electronics technician." His biggest accomplishment to date, he shares, is graduation from Marine Corps Boot Camp. That achievement made him realize, "I can do anything after that."

Dr. ChaMarra K. Saner
Office: SSB 306
Phone: (704) 637-4112

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Ph.D., Louisiana State University 
  • M.S., North Carolina A & T State University
  • B.S., University of North Carolina at Pembroke


Dr. Yu Choong Soo
Office: SSB
Phone: (704) 645-4539

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Ph.D., University of Missouri at Columbia
  • B.S., M.S., Wichita State University


Faculty Emeriti

Dr. James M. Beard

  • Professor Emeritus
  • B.A. Manchester College
  • Ph.D. Stanford University
  • Area of Specialization: Organic and Environmental Chemistry

Dr. Beard retired in 2013 as a professor of chemistry after 25 years of service to the College.