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Student Profiles

Justin Burroughs '17

“Chemistry at Catawba not only prepares you for a career in chemistry but it also lays a firm foundation for those pursuing the medical field.”


Ashley Wagoner '17

"The individualized interactions within Catawba's Chemistry Department evoked my desire for understanding and appreciating the observable world, through chemistry and curiosity."


Destiny Whitman '18

“There is nothing quite like chemistry at Catawba. The instructors are more than just willing to teach, they want you to explore and expand. To reach you highest potential and realize that chemistry is more than science. I love it!” 


 Trevor Williams '19

"The phrase Catawba Chemistry makes me automatically think of family. The relationships you form with the professors and fellow students is heart warm. Yes, it is very challenging but at the end of the day it very rewarding to know that the professors have your back, especially in instances like mine where you are double majoring in Biochemistry & outdoor ministry.”