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Gamma Sigma Epsilon


Alpha Delta Chapter
On March 3, 1999 a charter was granted for the formation of the Alpha Delta Chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon. The first induction ceremony was held on April 29, 1999 and Dr George Fisher, the Executive Treasurer and Immediate Past Executive President of the National Organization was in attendance to present the charter. The first thirteen members of the Alpha Delta chapter were inducted at that meeting. Altogether 52 individuals have been inducted into this chapter.

Induction Ceremony
The Induction Ceremony for the Alpha Delta Chapter is held on the Catawba College Campus in the Tom Smith Auditorium each spring.

Upcoming Events

  • First Meeting of the Semester - August 25 @ 11am
    Shuford Science Building
  • All subsequent meetings will be on the fourth Thursday of every month at 11 am. The only exception is the November meeting, which will be Tuesday, November 22 at 11am. These meetings will be held in conjunction with ACS.


  • Grand Alchemist (President) - Cayli Mena
  • Alchemist Apprentice (VP) - Hannah Prezlomski
  • Keeper of the Solvent (Treasurer) - Ashley Waggoneer
  • Keeper of the Formulae (Secretary) - Justin Borroughs

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at


Induction of 2016-2017 Officers




Alumni and Other Non-Resident Members

  • Angela B. Bailey
  • Melissa A. Bartholomew
  • Mary H. Black
  • Stephanie J. Bona
  • Carrie Ann Brelsford
  • Hollie Bruce
  • Christopher Bullers
  • Hannah Michelle Burleson
  • Kempton Lee Bylerly
  • Kimberly N. Chapman
  • Sandra M. Ciborowski
  • Lauren J. Eller
  • Lauren E. Flynn
  • Geoff Fouad
  • Josephine M. Gantt
  • Michelle Gaston
  • Grant Gibson
  • Nathaniel Ray Griffin
  • Lilia Repnikova-Hale
  • Laura Beth Hartis
  • Ashley Helms
  • Elizabeth A. Hewitt
  • Mark Hjelmeland
  • Wing Tai Ho
  • Lauren E. Flynn
  • Meredith Jewel Jones
  • Patrick C. Johnson
  • Christopher S. Junker
  • Jessica E. Madden
  • Joseph S. Manser, IV
  • Avery McGuire
  • Christopher Montanaro
  • Steven Julian Newton
  • Paul C. Norris
  • David Pinkston
  • Cherri Moore Pope
  • Kendall C. Prescott
  • Satu Puolitaival
  • Tina Renee Rummage
  • Carly M. Sabat
  • Dominic J. Schiavone
  • Heather Schiffhauer
  • Brandie E. Shick
  • Jonathan Slaughter
  • Aaron J. Townsend
  • Max J. Vinograd
  • Leslie Thomas
  • Mary E. Way
  • Anthony Cole Weddington
  • Dr. Teresa H. Welch
  • Ashley Wilhelm
  • Erin E. Witalison

Current Faculty Members:

  • ChaMarra Saner
  • Dr. Carol Ann Miderski

Former Faculty Members:

  • Dr. Jim Beard
  • Dr. Geoffrey A. Holloway
  • Dr. Billy G. Ledford

The National Organization

Alpha Delta Chapter