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The Arrowhead


The Arrowhead — poetry, prose, photography and artwork from Catawba's own students, staff and faculty!

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Deadline for Submissions
Students, staff, and faculty members are invited to submit their poetry, prose, and artwork for consideration in the next issue!

Stay tuned for details about the next issue!


Guidelines for Submissions

  1. Submissions may include up to 3 black and white photographs, drawings, and up to 2 pieces of prose or 5 poems.
  2. Prose submissions must be limited to 1,500 words and poems to one page.
  3. Poetry and prose submissions must be submitted both as hard copies and as Word documents sent as email attachments. Digital photographs must be submitted as both hard copies and on a disc.
  4. The collective submissions MUST include a cover sheet (just one, please) indicating name, titles of works submitted, campus box number, e-mail address, phone number, and a word count for prose. This information should not appear on the work itself.
  5. Only original artwork will be returned. All other submissions (poems, prose, disks, CDs, photos) will not be returned (please save your work to your computer).
  6. All submissions (including original artwork and photography) will be considered for publication on the Writers' Block board (ADM 2nd floor), whether published in the Arrowhead or not. If you do not wish for your work to be displayed on the board, please make a note of that on your cover sheet.

    If you submit poetry or prose, you must submit a hard copy to the basket on the door of Adm. room 217 and e-mail an electronic file to by the deadline. Artwork and digital photography (hard copy and disk) must be placed in the basket on the door of Adm. room 217 by the deadline. We look forward to your submissions!

    **A note to those interested in submitting photography:**
    This issue of The Arrowhead will have a full-color cover. If you are interested in submitting your photo for the cover, please include a color copy AND a black and white copy. This way, if your photo doesn’t make the cover, it still has a chance of being printed in black and white on the inside of the issue. Please only submit portrait-style photos for the color cover opportunity. Landscape-style photos will only be considered for the inside of the issue. 

We look forward to seeing your creative work! For more information, please contact Dr. Janice Fuller (Advisor).