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The Arrowhead


The Arrowhead — poetry, prose, photography and visual arts from Catawba's own students, staff and faculty!

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Deadline for Submissions
Students, staff, and faculty members are invited to submit their poetry, prose, and artwork for consideration in the next issue!

The submission deadline for the Spring 2017 issue is February 24th no later than 5pm! Please read and follow the guidelines below carefully as you prepare your submission.


Guidelines for Submissions

  1. Poetry and Prose

    • You may submit up to five poems and/or up to two pieces of prose. 
    • Each poem must fit on one printed page. Each piece of prose must not exceed 1,500 words. 
    • Please use 12-point Times New Roman font. 
    • Poetry and prose submissions must be submitted as an electronic file and as a hard copy.
    • Do not include your name on the copies of your actual work. Instead, include a separate cover sheet that contains your name, phone number, campus mailbox number, e-mail address, and work titles. Include a word count for prose. 
    • Send all electronic files to
    • Don't send submissions to the individual editors — these will not be considered. 
    • Deliver the hard copy packet to the mailbox on door 217 in the Administration building by the deadline.

  2. Photography and Visual Art

    • You may submit up to five photos and/or five visual artwork pieces.
    • PHOTOGRAPHERS: The Arrowhead now features a color cover. If you are interested in seeing one of your photos on the magazine’s cover, please submit your color photos portrait style. You may also submit the same color photos in black and white as well — this way, if the photo isn’t selected for the cover, it still has a chance to be featured inside the magazine. Landscape style photos will only be considered for the inside and should only be submitted in black and white. 
    • Only original visual artwork will be returned to the artists. All photo submissions (as well as poetry and prose) will be kept, so please be sure to save your work. 
    • Include your name, phone number, campus mailbox number, e-mail address, and work titles on your cover sheet.
    • Submit all photos as hard copies and as files on a disk.
    • Deliver the packets to the mailbox on door 217 in the Administration building.

  3. For ALL Submissions:

    • Adhere to the specified deadlines.
    • Artists may submit work in multiple categories. For example, you could submit two photos, four poems, and a short story, etc. Feel free to ask questions! You can e-mail the editors anytime at The magazine’s account is checked regularly.

NOTE: If you fail to meet any of the guidelines, your work will NOT be considered for the readings or for publication! If you have any questions, please send the editors an e-mail at

To Be Considered a Member of the Staff

We welcome everyone to become a member of our staff. You can do this by attending one of our two readings. At the readings, staff members read and score each submission

(anonymously!) using a scale of 1-10. These scores are used to determine what is published in the magazine. The reading dates for the Spring 2016 issue are:

  • Thursday, March 17, 3:30pm-5:30pm & 7:00pm-9:00pm in Study Room 2
  • All readings will be held in the top floor of the library. If you can’t arrive right at 3:30 or 7, you may arrive a little bit later. However, all readings will promptly end at the specified times listed above.



We look forward to seeing your creative work! For more information, please contact Dr. Janice Fuller (Advisor).