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Faculty Publications

Libretto - Janice Fuller        

  • Libretto for Destructive Science, a composition for female voice and electronic sounds, composer Knut Mueller. Premiered in November 2003 at Rendez-Vous Musique Nouvelle (a new-music festival), Forbach, France. Performed in February 2006 at the galerie für zeitgenössische kunst in Leipzig. 

Poetry - Janice Fuller         

  • Archeology Is a Destructive Science , a chapbook. Scots Plaid Press, 1998
  • Sex Education, a poetry collection. Iris Press, 2004
  • "Through a Falcarragh Cottage Window," Earth and Soul, an English-Russian, bi-lingual anthology, Kostroma Press, 2001
  • "My Mother's Seventieth Birthday," New Welsh Review, Fall 2001
  • "This Whistling Is for You There in the Dark," Poets for Peace, Chapel Hill Press, 2002
  • "Like the Call of an Endangered Bird," The Pedestal Magazine, 2002
  • "Geometry Teacher," Tar River Poetry, Spring 2003
  • "Sex Education," Asheville Poetry Review, Spring/Summer, 2003
  • "Rapunzel," Poems & Plays, Spring 2004
  • "Imago," "The Studio's Legacy," "Cousins in Summer, 1962," Nantahala: A Review of Writing and Photography in Appalachia, Summer 2004
  • "For William Who Lived Twelve Hours." Verse Daily, November 2004
  • "My Aunt Raises Violets from Africa," read by Garrison Keillor, broadcast of Minnesota Public Radio's The Writer's Almanac, July 20, 2005
  • "My Aunt Raises Violets from Africa." Feature Poem of the Week. San Diego Reader, December 8, 2005
  • "Alone at the Piano," Pembroke Magazine, Spring 2006
  • "Open Studio, Tyrone Guthrie Centre," Poems & Plays, Spring 2006
  • "Zinnia. Verisimilitude. Yes." 2006 Kakalak: An Anthology of Carolina Poetry. Spring 2006
  • "In Defense of Tatoos," "Daddy's Bonneville, Easter 1956," and "The Scar," Main Street Rag. Fall 2006
  • "Ouija," The Fourth River. Autumn 2006
  • "Séance: On the Road to Stradone," Magma Poetry. Winter 2006
  • "Hydrangea." In the Yard: A Poetry Anthology. Old Mountain Press, 2006
  • "Night Under Errigal, County Donnegal." Mountain Time: A Poetry Anthology. Old Mountain Press, 2006

Publications - Aaron Butler         

  • "The Gift of the Magus: Mystical Glasses in Renaissance Drama," Shakespeare and Renaissance Association of West Virginia Selected Papers 28 (2005).

Publications - Janice Fuller         

  • "Music, Translation, and Poetry: An Interview with Welsh Poet Menna Elfyn," Asheville Poetry Review, Fall/Winter 2002
  • "Waiting for the Muse to Speak: Books by Three Women Living in the South," Asheville Poetry Review, Spring/Summer 2003
  • Review of Barb, Quill Down, Main Street Rag, Summer 2004
  • "'Danger's Daughter': A Review of The Bloodaxe Book of Modern Welsh Poetry: 20 th-Century Welsh-Language Poetry in Translation, eds. Menna Elfyn and John Rowlands," Asheville Poetry Review, Spring/Summer 2004
  • "To Disenchant and Disintoxicate: A Review of Patrick Bizarro's Every Insomniac Has a Story To Tell." Asheville Poetry Review, vol. 12, no. 1, 2005
  • "Using Poetry and the Visual Arts to Develop Emotional Intelligence."  Journal of Management Education. Co-authored with J. Morris and J. Urbanski.  December 2005
  • "'Powers Behind the Throne': A Review of Books by Dana Wildsmith, Charlotte Hilary Matthews, and Gaylord Brewer." Asheville Poetry Review, vol. 13, no. 1, 2006

Publications - David Schroeder         

  • "'A Message from Mars': Astronomy, Imperialism, and Cultural Anxiety at the Fin-de-Siècle." Victorian Literature and Culture, forthcoming.

Presentations - Aaron Butler         

  • Upcoming – "Making Noise about the Writing Center," Southeastern Writing Center Association Conference, Nashville , TN, February 2007 (to be presented along with Writing Center tutors and English majors Victoria Hamilton and Meagan Kittle).
  • "When Mercy Does Not Season Justice: The Language of Retribution in Law & Order," Popular Culture/American Culture Association in the South Conference, Savannah, GA, October 2006.
  • "‘Let's Think about This': Students and Tutors Becoming Better Critical Thinkers," Southeastern Writing Center Association Conference, Charleston, SC, February 2005 (presented along with Writing Center tutors and English majors Charlotte Moore and Nneka Campbell).
  • "The Gift of the Magus: Mystical Glasses in Renaissance Drama," West Virginia Shakespeare and Renaissance Association Conference, Huntington, WV, April 2004.

Presentations - Janice Fuller         

  • "Traditional Welsh-Language Forms and Their Influence on Dylan Thomas's Poetry," Tenth Annual Central Piedmont Community College Spring Literary Festival, March 2002
  • "Reading Poetry To Develop Managerial Emotional Literacy," a paper co-authored with Dr. J. Andrew Morris for the 30 th Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, June 2003
  • "Performing Gender on Stage: Developing a Play about Women and Machines," a performance session co-presented with Dr. Beth Homan, Interdisciplinary Conference in Women's Studies, Middle Tennessee State University, February 2007

Presentations - Julia Hayes         

  • "Changing Times: Inter-generation Conflicts in Flannery O'Connor's "Everything that Rises Must Converge" and Alice Walker's "Everyday Use"—The Catawba College Colloquium on Southern Literature and Culture—September 2000
  • "No More Clinging to That Which Robbed Them: Triumph Over Tyranny in Alice Walker's The Color Purple"—Ferrum College African-American Literature Conference—November 2003

Presentations - David Schroeder        

  • "Our Ruddy Neighbour Planet: The Sentimental Martian Novel in the Late-Victorian and Edwardian Ages." Session entitled Literature and Science: Literature and Mars. Central New York Conference on Language and Literature.
  • "Darker Secrets Require More Locks: Masculine Anxiety in H. G. Wells's The Time Machine." Session entitled Science Fiction/Fantasy: Repression and Fear of the "Other." Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association Annual Conference.

Produced Plays - Janice Fuller        

  • Conjoined, a full-length one-act play. Staged reading at Catawba College's Florence Busby Corriher Theater, November 2002.
  • The Last Glass-Bottom Boat, a series of three short plays. Produced at Catawba College's Florence Busby Corriher Theater, March 2003.
  • Church of the Spilled Blood, a one-act play. Produced at Bare Bones Theater's New Play Festival, Charlotte, NC. May 2003.
  • Dix, a full-length play. Produced at the Minneapolis Fringe Festival. August 2004.
  • Machine Play, or I'm Not Nadine. Workshop production at Polli Talu Arts Center, Estonia. June 2006. Full production at Catawba College's Hedrick Theatre, October 2006.