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Alumni Highlights

Jfarmer.jpgordan Farmer '13
English Major


"Catawba was the perfect choice for me because of the friendly faculty and the wonderful teaching program. In high school I discovered my passion for helping those with special needs. I knew ultimately my major would be in education. I never considered English as a major until taking my Advanced Academic Writing Class. With the guidance of one of my professors I discovered a love for English. At Catawba I combined my two passions and sought a degree in English with a focus in creative writing and a minor in secondary education. After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school to receive a degree in special education so that I may eventually teach English to high school students with special needs."

Steven Jordan '12
English Major (Literature)


"Literature has always been a passion throughout my academic career, and after only a few English courses at Catawba, I could tell it was what I wanted to pursue. Catawba's ability to provide direct interaction with the faculty, both in and out of class, was a key point for my attendance and it has been an invaluable experience that not only enriched the courses, but allowed me to form great relationships with some truly passionate professors. The analytical, writing, and communication skills that I've learned through studying English at Catawba will be of great aid regardless of what working environment I end up in."

mullis.jpgWhitney Mullis '12
English Major


"When I first came to Catawba, I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in, but I finally found my place in English. The faculty's constant mentoring and support made me realize that I had the potential to find my place in college, and that place was as an English major. Since I made that decision, I haven't looked back. I love literature, and the English Department opened my mind to so many different ways of interpreting literature and incorporating its lessons into my life. I'm thankful for all that I learned."

denisaparsons.jpgDenisa Parsons '12
English Major


"I became an English major because I consider myself a poet and I love literature. I had concentrations in both due to loving both equally. I became an English major so that I could be the best writer posssible."

kittle.jpgMeagan Kittle '08
English Major


"The professors in Catawba's English department are real people who are readily accessible. They love what they teach and are enthusiastic about their classes. Our resident experts in their fields, like poetry, Shakespeare, and rhetoric, offer engaging classes to stimulate creative minds. They often organize events to further learning outside the classroom, such as dinners at their houses or poetry and novel readings at the local bookstore. They really go above and beyond for their students, which makes it most enjoyable to be a part of the department."

Meagan's Award-Winning Essay:
"A Young Woman in the Crowd: Experiencing New York City"

hamilton.jpgVictoria Hamilton '07


"Initially I bounced between major options until choosing English for its flexible curriculum aimed at developing analytical skills beyond simple reading and writing assignments. I benefitted from a variety of courses in literature, creative writing, and theory offered in each faculty members' individual area of expertise. Practical experience working with 'The Arrowhead Literary Magazine', in the campus Writing Center, and on special one-on-one projects with faculty expanded my intellectual foundation from the classroom. I am confident that my experience at Catawba sufficiently prepared me for graduate studies and whatever career I choose to pursue."

devaney.jpgJohn Devaney '07


"The English department at Catawba College epitomizes the goals of any liberal arts institution. It upholds a standard of growth and understanding that elicits every student's potential, develops all perceptive vantages, and hones each person's ability. I consider myself lucky to have found an intellectual home in its assembly of faculty and talent."


Angela F. Jacobs '07

"My studies as a Catawba English major truly lived up to my favorite quote, spoken by the protagonist Janie from 'Their Eyes Were Watching God' by Zora Neale Hurston: 'Two things everybody's got tuh do fuh theyselves. They got tuh go tuh God, and they got tuh find out about livin' fuh theyselves.' In essence, Catawba really prepared me to find out who I was and what I am capable of. For that I am genuinely thankful."

Keith Cunningham

"My studies as a Catawba English major have enabled me to read discriminately through medical and lay evidence, interpret laws and regulations to apply to the evidence, and prepare a written decision that explains these basis for my decisions about disability compensation claims for veterans. The written decisions that I prepare must be clear, concise, and understandable. I have prepared decisions for veterans that are college professors and for veterans with very little education.


While my studies were not concentrated in a legal or medical field, the skills I learned in studying English at Catawba College transcend many professional barriers, allowing me to communicate in a professional manner in many different settings."

moore.jpgCharlotte Moore '06

"The greatest pleasure of my academic career was the rapport I built with my English professors. They were, and still are, my most trusted mentors, role models, and friends: not only did they make me feel like more than a student, but a potential colleague whose questions and insights were all worthy of consideration. Their passion for their subjects fueled new passions in their students: I was surprised and delighted to discover my own interests in Victorian, Romantic, and modernist literature. I can even regard my old favorite, science fiction, in context and with a fresh perspective. Above all else, my teachers approached each challenge with the greatest of humor, and daily tolerated my own irreverence with a wit and grace that I'm certain belied their (mostly) inner exasperation. For that, I am in their debt. If only every student had it so good!"

Jessica Smith

"The English department at Catawba College provided me with a variety of courses, professors, and concepts that expanded my desire and passion for language and literature. My English course taught me to think critically, analyze, and discuss aspects of the human condition, author attitudes, and the language itself. My experience at Catawba greatly impacted and increased my understanding and knowledge of American, British, and World literature, as well as language in general. The education I received as an English major provided me endless tools, methods, and content that have been and will be useful in my career as a secondary education English teacher."

Chandra Lowe

"I came to Catawba thinking I was pretty much a goddess in the literature classroom. I knew it all. Ironically, leaving Catawba, I felt like I wasn't actually done. There are days when I would love to be back: exchanging poetry with Dr. Fuller, staging 'Much Ado About Nothing' with Dr. Sinnott, ranting about Charles Brockden Brown over coffee with Dr. Cavalier. I learned so much from my time not only in the classrooms of my literature and writing courses, but from the professors themselves. I stick to my proverbial guns in saying the faculty of the English department are among Catawba's finest, in every sense — as academics, as advisors, as mentors, as friends."

Kerry (Schab) Stahl

"The thing that had the biggest impact on me from Catawba's English department is not the literature was taught, but how it was taught. The faculty has an intense respect and reverence for all literature no matter where it comes from. However, beyond the literature, I have been deeply impacted by the relationships I had with the English department, where professors welcome you into their lives, and I always had a deep motivation to not let them down. I have attempted to do the same thing in a high school setting. My knowledge and imagination have been stretched to an unthinkable limit, Catawba has prepared me for that."

Lee Jan Waddell '99

"In my position as HR Technician at Mitchell Community College, my English degree with the writing track from Catawba College has proved to be invaluable. The creative writing classes have helped me to articulate my thoughts and feelings, both professionally and personally. And the literature classes, especially those of Southern Literature and Shakespeare, gave me a broader understanding of the world--near and far.

I recommend the Catawba College English degree program wholeheartedly!"

Patrick T. Winters
Assistant Principal for Curriculum at East Rowan High School

"I decided to major in English by default because it was the subject I liked the most and did the best in. As a result, it has proven to be the best decision of my life. The professors in the department were extremely caring and supportive and helped bring literature of all times and genres to life. Those terrific English professors are the single biggest reason why I was able to be an effective English teacher in the Rowan-Salisbury School System."