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Overview: History

Emily C. Cline, Head Cook for the Officers’ Mess in the "Following the Army Program" offered at Colonial Williamsburg’s Under the Redcoat, June 2005.

In the study of history, students are encouraged to learn, as Lord Acton describes, "not the art of accumulating material, but the sublimer art of investigating it, of discerning truth from falsehood and certainty from doubt."

As history majors, students seek to place historical aspects — events, ideas, concepts — into the context of the times and values. History majors analyze and interpret aspects to understand culture, politics, and society. As such, history helps students, both majors and non-majors, to critically view and understand the past to better appreciate their current surroundings.

History majors at Catawba receive a fundamental knowledge in U.S., Western, and modern history, and have the opportunity to explore upper-level classes in North Carolina History, the American Civil War, Modern China, Britain, and the Vietnam War, to name but a few of the recent course offerings.