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Secondary Teacher Licensure

Students seeking secondary (grades 9-12) teacher licensure in Comprehensive Social Studies must satisfy the requirements for the B.A. degree in History or Politics and the requirements for undergraduate teacher licensure (including the Secondary Education Minor and student teaching) outlined under the heading for the Department of Teacher Education.

Students must include in their program: 

  • HIST 1112: The Emerging Western World
  • HIST 1113: The Modern Western World
  • HIST 1114: The Contemporary World
  • HIST 1201: Survey of American History I
  • HIST 1202: Survey of American History II
  • HIST 2400: North Carolina History
  • ECON 1901: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • EDUC 2105: Cultural Geography
  • POLSC 1101: Introduction to American Politics
  • SOC 1101: Introduction to Sociology   OR    SOC 1501: Social Problems

Students seeking to apply for teacher licensure in more than one subject area should consult with the Department of Teacher Education as to current requirements for this process.