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Student Profiles

Katia Kruglov '15
Mathematics Major and Member of the Swimming Team

"Through the Catawba swim team, I was offered a great opportunity to study abroad and develop my knowledge in mathematics which is an essential part for understanding fields like physics, computer science and finance. By having small classes, where the student and teacher can interact on a whole another level compared to big universities, I believe it is the perfect step on my way of pursuing my goals."


Brinsley Stewart '16
Mathematics Major and Member of the Volleyball Team

"I chose Catawba because of the small atmosphere that reminded me of home. I like the class size as this allows me to interact with my professors. Math is a difficult subject for many people, but professors are willing to help you and they want to see the students succeed. Catawba's Math program is growing and recently added the new Math Center that offers peer tutoring. A degree in Math can lead to a variety of job opportunities. My graduation plans are to become a secondary mathematics teacher with the possibility of attending Graduate school."