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dept05.jpgThe Psychology Department encourages close interaction among our faculty and students. On average, 10 Psychology majors graduate each year and upper-level Psychology courses average 10-15 students each. This departmental closeness allows us to provide you — and your individual needs — with a great deal of personal attention.

You also will be in classes that emphasize "learning by doing". For example,

  • you will spend time with children and adolescents within their school environment in your CHILD or ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY course;

  • you will gain direct experience in administering, scoring and evaluating test scores in your TESTS AND MEASUREMENTS course;

  • after you gather your own data, you will be able to use a statistics program to "number crunch" in your EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY course;

  • you will perform some intriguing research on attitudes, group behavior and social perception in your SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY course.

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