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Internships and Practical Experiences in the Psychology Major

 All students in the psychology department have some practical experiences in the community, businesses, or in the lab.  Students may choose to complete a practicum, independent study, and/or an internship.  

Practicum:  An application of theory and methods of psychology to specific areas of psychological services in a supervised setting. Prerequisite:  12 hours in Psychology and permission of the Department Chair.

Independent Study:  Self-directed study following a contractual plan initiated by the student and accepted by the staff. Prerequisite: permission of the Department Chair.

Internship:  A field experience for psychology majors and minors in which formal evaluation, supervision, and direction are provided by an outside agency in concert with the supervising professor and student. Prerequisite: 12 sh in psychology and permission of the Department Chair. (NOTE: A reflective paper to describe how the experience met learning objectives is required and Grading is S/U.)


Current and previous internships and practical experiences of psychology majors


At the North Carolina Research Campus:  Recruited and researched infants/toddlers for Dr. Carol Cheatham's Nutrition and Cognition study on the effects of DHA on cognitive development, performing pre- and post-assessments with infants age 12-18 months, and interviewing parents for intake and follow-up.     

Applied Behavior Specialist Intern:  Implemented structured therapeutic activities, developed by an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) specialist, with a 2-year-old child demonstrating the symptoms of autism.

Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services
:  Case management for clients; organization of activities, speakers, and sponsors for a youth summer programs. 

Creative Counseling Summer Camp Intern 

Partners in Learning:  
Worked with autistic children and children with cerebral palsy, training and developing gross and fine motor skills and behavior modification protocols.

Partners in Learning:
  Implemented a new motor skills curriculum with selected 4-year-old children, assisted with the organization of the fall special Olympics for preschool children with developmental delays, and taught a 6-year-old child with cerebral palsy to swim.  

Research Assistant:
  For members of Psychology Department.

“Effects of ICT on health-seeking behaviors in young adults”

“Social processes research”

“Judgments of objectivity in writing”

“Aversive bias in hiring practices”

“Mental rotation under stereotype threat”

“Implicit egotism after depletion”

“The role of smartphone ‘apps’ in health-related self-efficacy reports”

“Does authorship matter to evaluation of blog posts?”

“Aversive bias in the courtroom”

“Facebook use and the HEXACO personality traits”

“Effects of music cost on music liking:  The downside of downloading”

Speech and Occupational Therapist Intern: 
Implemented structured therapeutic activities developed by Speech and Occupational Therapists for an 18-year-old adolescent with autism.

Translator:  Spanish translator at the Community Care Clinic.      

Guidance Counselor Shadow:  Assisted the guidance counselor at North Elementary School to implement projects that involve families in school programs.  Worked on lessons focusing on  making healthy choices (emphasis on being drug free), recognizing bullying, and being responsible and respectful.  Led small groups of students on social skills and anger management and observed mediation between students let by the counselor.     

Practical Intern:  Worked with a male adult diagnosed with expressive and receptive aphasia and verbal and oral apraxia, including mastering personal information, word recall, auditory and visual picture recognition, visual confrontation naming, picture identification, word stimulation, reading comprehension and picture association, sentence completion and functional vocabulary.      

Communities in School Coordinator Assistant:  Assisted the coordinator of Communities in Schools at North Elementary School to implement projects that involve families in school programs, and mentor students who need skills to increase effective social interactions, motivation to complete assignments, and support to increase self-confidence.

Intervention Specialist Intern:  Assisted a high school Intervention Specialist to implement programs for adolescents and their families to increase student attendance, reduce substance abuse, and overcome academic challenges.  Also, mentored students who need strategies to increase effective social interactions and complete assignments.    

Exceptional Students Assistant:  Worked one-on-one with students identified with autism, and assisted teachers with one-on-one activities that guided and supported the children’s goals on their IEP.   

Play Therapy Intern:  Learned strategies in play therapy and support for children with special needs and their families and teachers by shadowing and assisting specialists in play therapy and preschool inclusion.

LiviRae Survey/Marketing:
 Collected social media sites data for LiviRae Lingerie, home to the show "Double Divas" on LifeTime, in the corporate office. 

Rowan County Youth Services Bureau
:  Conduct market research to determine how the agency is perceived in the community and by consumers of its services and programs, with an aim of developing a comprehensive marketing plan (new name, logo).   

Hospice of Rowan County:  Assist patient counselors both in-hospice and at-home, with a focus on understanding key issues and providing transitional services for patients and families.

Food for Thought
:   Assist with communication and marketing tasks involving donors and key stakeholders.  Develop written communication and enhanced social media presence; assisted with e-newsletter software.  Other tasks include learning about how to run a small not-for profit agency, program development and operations; volunteer coordination; and community engagement.

S and H Youth and Adult Services, Inc.:
Counselor shadowing and youth mentoring