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psychdept2015.jpgIn a classical sense, Psychology is the "Scientific study of behavior" which simply means that Psychologists seek to unravel the multiple relationships between how the person's varied ways of doing things affects (and is affected by) that person's environment.


At Catawba, our Psychology program balances the "scientific" aspects of the discipline with the "application" of that science to issues of human concern. A field of great fascination and endless variety, the involved and complicated subject of Psychology is one all of us practice and use daily.


The very broad and expansive nature of Psychology is presented by our major through the flexibility you will find built into our program. You will learn the multiple facets of Psychology while in the midst of a strong liberal arts curriculum. You may not yet be certain about HOW you will "use" your Psychology major after you graduate. At Catawba, our flexibility acknowledges and addresses that uncertainty.