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Student Profiles

Taylor King '18
Psychology Major

"I have always loved helping people, and a degree in Psychology will help me understand those people I help even more."


Tyus Lopez '18
Psychology Major; Business Administration Minor; Member of the Soccer Team

"Why psychology? I want to know why people do what they do. Future Plans? Go into human resources after graduation."


Hailey Kelly '18
Psychology Major; Sociology Minor

"I plan a 2018 graduation. I like Psychology because I am interested in learning how people think and what makes them who they are. In the future I plan to do more research on psychological topics that I'm interested in, and hopefully bring some new knowledge to the field."


Jenna Thompson '18
Psychology Major; Sociology Minor


"I'm super excited to be a counselor next year I'm not sure for what but I do know I feel called to use my major and my knowledge from graduation to help others!"


Shelby Davis '18
Psychology and Administration of Justice Double Major; Business Administration Minor


"Psychology interest me because I like figuring out why people act as they do. I hope to do something, such as a forensic psychologist."


Michaela Fink '18
Psychology Major; Sociology and Biology Double Minor

"I am majoring in psychology with a double minor in sociology and biology. I want to major in psychology so I can pursue a future career in counseling!"


Hope Woods '18
Psychology and Biology Double Major; Environmental Science Minor

"I have interest in attending law school and am a member of the Women’s Lacrosse team here at Catawba. "


Breki Bjarnason '18
Psychology Major; Sociology Minor; Academic All-District Honors in Soccer

"I have always been interested in what people think and why we think like we do. I thought psychology would cover that and many other interesting things. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, except I know I want to surround myself with good people and make a living doing something I enjoy, whatever that will be."


Abigail Stowe '18
Psychology Major


Shannon Wright '18
Psychology Major; French Minor

"I have always enjoyed understanding why people are the way they are and I feel like a major in Psychology will give me the opportunity to gain more understanding as well as put it to use by helping other people. I have not decided which field of Psychology I want to go into yet."


Jordan Van Landingham '18
Psychology Major

"Hey everyone! My name is Jordan Van Landingham and I am a psychology major. I like psychology because I think it is very interesting and will give me the background knowledge that I need in order to be a Child Life Specialist. I have a passion for working with children with special needs and that is why I want to be a Child Life Specialist!"


Gudny Jonsdottir '18
Psychology Major

"I would like to become a child psychologist in the future!"


Alaina Cantrell '19
Psychology Major; Dance Minor

"I hope to go into a Dance Therapy and start my own non-profit dance therapy organization to help autistic kids through dance."


Brian Peralta '19
Psychology and Popular Music Double Major; Creative Writing Minor

"I have a fascination with the human mind and how it works (brain functions, behavior, etc). It wasn't until I took a psychology class in high school, that I truly started looking into a possible career in psychology. As of right now, I don't have a set "future" in mind; I enjoy living in the moment. I am, however, interested in psychology and hope to gain more knowledge."


Marcia Mariel-Erhart '19
Psychology and Mathematics Double Major

"I decided to study Psychology because I always want to know the reasons behind the behavior and hope to find some answers in this Major. For my future I see myself working as a profiler or helping children worldwide who have experienced catastrophes."


Pierce Allman '19
Psychology Major

"I am interested in why people think the way that they do and how such thoughts change over time, what changes within the brain and how that influences our actions. I would like to open up a private practice one day as a therapist."


Beth Ann Martin '19
Psychology Major; Business and Communications Double Minor; Member of the Softball Team

"In the future I would like to work in a VA or with special needs children."


Malorie Ritchie '19
Psychology Major

"With my major I hope to eventually enter a career in Forensic Psychology. I came into Catawba as Pre-Law major but quickly changed my mind after my first psychology class!"


Holly Messick '19
Psychology Major

"I am undecided on what my minor will be at the moment but I am a Psychology major because I plan to go to grad school at the University of Tennessee and pursue research in neuroscience. I want to do research with the transfer of mental illnesses and learning disorders through genetics. I am also very into politics and would love to be able to work with Education Reform in Washington."


Rochelle Waldroop '19
Psychology Major

"My mother and brother are both handicapped and it is hard to see them lonely and in pain because they don't have people to talk to. To them, I am their ray of sunshine and they know they can always lean on me if needed. I have always wanted to help people with their troubles and for them to be able to confront them in order to help themselves. People's happiness is something I try to keep in consideration as well as their sadness. I have high hopes of being able to help out for the Federal Bureau of Investigation!"


Lexi Petty '19
Administration of Justice and Psychology Double Major

"I find the complexity of the human mind and why it works the way it does extremely fascinating. After I graduate I plan on going into the FBI to become a behavioral analyst in Quantico's BAU unit. My goal in life is to use psychology to catch at least one serial killer."


Makenna Pate '19
Psychology and Sociology Double Major

"I love psychology because it helps to explain anything and everything that we do. With my psychology degree I would like to work with children who have come from broken homes, such as divorce or abuse!"


Madison McFadden '19
Psychology Major

"I love studying psychology, particularly children. I am really interested in child development."


Robert Robinson '19
Psychology Major

"I love psychology because it allows you to understand why people think the way they do. Also, psychology has so many different areas to explore. My future plans are to be a psychiatrist for either children or a professional sports team. I was born in El Paso, Texas, but I've lived most of my life in Durham, North Carolina. I also play for the Men's Basketball Team. Go Indians!!"


Imani Grays '19
Psychology Major

"I play on the Women's Lacrosse team. My major is psychology with a minor in business administration, with this I plan to one day own my own practice and share my specialties. I love psychology because it's all around you, we deal with people every day. Psychology is very interesting to me to know how humans think and why we do the things that we do."


Emily Fogleman '20
Psychology Major

"I'm a psychology major and in the future I would like to be a therapist or counselor of some sort that helps people with their life problems. I have been interested in psychology since I was a young teenager, because I wanted to use it to help people. Each class I take just makes me more and more intrigued."


Brit Lawhorn '20
Psychology Major

"I am majoring in Psychology with the hopes of declaring Religion as my minor. My future plans include studying criminals and why they act and commit crimes, or becoming an interpersonal relationship counselor."


Alisha Louya '20
Psychology Major

"I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Art and Music. After graduating from Catawba College, I hope to continue with my studies to become an art and music therapist. I love delving deep into questions in order to discover the 'whys' of a situation as well as discovering solutions. Art and music have been a constant outlet in my life: an outlet I am sure many, many others share as well. With degrees in Art and Music Therapy, I hope to guide others to a safe outlet when life is chaotic or quite empty."


Sophie Hirsch '20
Psychology Major

"I’m majoring in psychology with an individualized minor in fitness and health. I am interested in the interplay of sports and psychology! I am from Germany and play on the tennis team."


Emily Wong '20
Psychology Major

"My passion is Psychology. It makes me happy being able to see people's reactions & how they deal with scenarios. Since I was a little girl I have always been a big communicator and wanted to talk to everyone, so that impacted my decision on what I wanted to do in life. My Spanish minor is in honor of my dad. I made a promise to my dad to always continue learning the beautiful language and never forget who I truly am on the inside."