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  • Editor at University Press, VA
  • UCC Pastor
  • Christian Education Director
  • Professor of Religion
  • Ph.D. Candidate
  • Director of Data Management
  • Seminarian
  • Law Enforcement Officer

Featured Alumni

Matthew Sparks '14
Majors: Theology and Philosophy, History; Minor: French

"Religion and Philosophy are now such an integral part of our thought processes and culture that their evolution and place within our society is worth critical study and examination. There is no field from which their perspectives cannot benefit."


aliciapatrick.jpgAlicia Patrick '14
Majors: Theology and Philosophy, Sociology Minor: English Literature

"When I arrived at Catawba my freshman year I had my FYS with Dr. Sang as well as Near Eastern Religions. I was immediately hooked. My critical understanding of the world that I gained through the courses in Religion and Philosophy prepared me for the diverse ways of understanding the world and the ways that people think. This comes in handy for my work in sociology since I am understanding how people interact with each other and how cultures are constructed on a macro and microcosmic level.


athenabless.jpgAthena Bless '14
Major: Outdoor Ministries

"Every summer since I was a young child I attended camp and participated in outdoor activities. I truly enjoy these kinds of activities. Even though I am not sure what comes next for me after college, I feel that I have been called to minister in some sort of way. My ideal job would be one where I can share God with children and adolescents in a fun setting."


meganloveall.jpgMegan Loveall '14 
Hometown: Salisbury, NC
Major: Outdoor Ministries

"I have a passion for missions and with my degree I would like to explore the possibilities of my passion. I am very excited about the future with my major."


meganbean.jpgMegan Bean '14
Majors: English Literature, Creative Writing; Minor: Religion

"My studies in Religion taught me to take the time to understand the various perspectives people have on the world even as I hold on to my own faith. Studying different religions and denominations has also shown me that meaning and value can be extracted from unexpected places. It also helped teach me how to break large, complex ideas or systems of ideas down into more comprehensive parts for closer examination and evaluation."


thurow.jpgKyra Thurow '13
Religion Minor

"Religion has always been a big part of my everyday life. I feel called to share the same experiences I have had with others around me. A religion minor helps me on my way to outdoor ministries where I hope to teach kids about the amazing creation that God has blessed us with and how to care for God's creation."


Kendra Joyner joyner.jpg '11
Religion & Philosophy Major; Religion & Philosophy Concentration

"I knew I wanted a school that reflected my value system. I initially heard about Catawba through their ties to the United Church of Christ. I liked that the school seal includes the words character, culture, scholarship and service. These are values I try to implement in my own life. When visiting Catawba, I felt the strong sense of community, of family, that exists here among students, but also with faculty and staff. I knew I wanted to be part of this family.

I knew that I also wanted to serve people and through programs offered by the Lilly Center for Vocation and Values I began to realize I was being called to ministry. I want to advocate for people, but I also thrive off of being in community with them and growing and learning together in faith. The Religion and Philosophy major afforded me a strong academic grounding, helped me develop analytical skills, challenge and question, while affirming the core values of who I am in this world.

I am attending Yale Divinity School to earn a Masters degree in Divinity. My Catawba education allowed me to enter into this area with confidence. I am open to the Spirits movement in my life, but feel led to the needs within rural congregations. Whatever path my life takes, I have been forever shaped and molded by my years at Catawba and particularly my professors and fellow majors in the Religion and Philosophy Department."


parsons.jpgDenisa Parsons '11
Religion and Philosophy Major

"I had friends from Catawba who spoke highly of their professors and loved the intimacy of the college life that Catawba provides. I chose Catawba because I liked the idea of small classes and one-on-one time with professors. I wanted a deeper understanding of Philosophy and the various religions out there."


fields.jpgMegan Fields '11
Philosophy Minor

"I declared a Philosophy minor because I feel that along with my major and my other (Creative Writing) minor, Philosophy will help me to create interesting and intellectually stimulating plays."


Josh Payne '11
Religion & Philosophy Minor payne.jpg

"When I was in the first semester of my freshman year I had a course that all freshmen have, first year seminar. In this class I had a professor that would change my life. Dr. Clapp's “What Should I do with my Life” first year seminar class I slowly learned that my passion was in the study of religion. I did not know at the time how to incorporate that in my education other than in my general education classes. I took two religion classes my sophomore year and a philosophy class. That year one of my two religion classes was taught by Dr. Sang. By the end of the year I expressed my great sorrow to the fact that I would not be able to take anymore religion courses. He told me that I was half way to a new combination minor called Philosophy and Religion. Second semester of my sophomore year I took Intro to Logic and I knew that this new minor was going to fit me. I found a sense of completeness in my education. I enjoyed my business classes and my minor gave me a well rounded portion of a healthy and satisfying education."


Students Who Took Religion & Philosophy Courses


Leslie Denton '09

"I took Religion & Philosophy courses because my faith is something that is important to me. My major was Spanish, and I hope to one day incorporate the use of that language into aspects of my faith and sharing my faith with the Spanish community in the U.S. and in other countries around the world. I believe that the Religion & Philosophy courses that I took at Catawba strengthened my understanding of the importance of faith and God in my life, and also helped me learn new perspectives of my own faith and those of other people."


John Pellett '08

“The courses in the Religion & Philosophy Department were very valuable to me as a student, but even more valuable and rewarding in my personal life. As a student, the courses in the Department helped thread together concepts across the entire liberal arts spectrum. They helped in organizing, structuring, and seeing the interdisciplinary connections throughout all the information I was being taught. The courses were extremely valuable in my personal life because they clarified, and in some cases redirected, my concepts of knowledge, meaning, and what I valued. They helped clarify many ideas and also helped broaden my educational and personal horizons.”


Lauren Fluegge '07

"Dr. Holtzman taught my freshman seminar, and I was immediately hooked on philosophy. I loved the program because not only did the classes turn my thinking from one-dimensional into in-depth and abstract, the classes made me understand why it was important to be cognitively active. The classes I took also fascinated me because they illustrated the idea that every subject I was interested in was interrelated. I found that I could apply what I learned in one class to something learned in another."