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Read what majors, minors, and students who are taking our classes have to say about their experiences and why they chose Religion and Philosophy at Catawba:

Students Majoring and Minoring in Religion & Philosophy

Featured Students

Johnathan Collins, '18
Major: Music, Worship Arts
Minor: Religion

"I am a Worship Arts major with a minor in Religion and Philosophy. I decided to be a Religion minor the Fall Semester of my Sophomore year; when the question of how and why crowded my mind, Dr. Sang's Christian Beliefs course, opened my eyes. I wanted to have more answers on why I believe what I do. The world is full of religions, I am a Christian, nothing more, or less. Dr. Sang has made a huge difference in my life both academically and in my personal life. He has taught me to always think deeper and continue to search for answers."


Emalee Simmons '18
Major: Religion and Philosophy, Christian Ministry
Minor: Psychology

“Here I am, send me!”  Isiah 6:8 “For a long time, I fought with the fact that I was being called into missions. I knew I had a calling for the lost but I wanted to do it my way. I wanted to go into psychology or criminal justice but God had other plans. I fought him the whole way. And until last summer on a mission trip I never would have said this is what I want. This is because I was so focused on me and what I could do for myself. Now I am no longer fighting him. I am walking with HIM and not trying to pull away.  All this led me to be in this major. Being a missionary is the main goal right now but it may change based on where God leads me. I am a Junior and still trying to find my way but I know God has me in his hands and will use me his way.”


Lauren Gaskill '17
Major: Literature
Minors: Religion and Secondary Education

"I chose to become a religion and philosophy minor because I have always been interested in learning about how other religions compare to my personal religion, Christianity.  Additionally, I have always felt called to utilize my gifts and talents in ways that glorify God and His kingdom, so I thought exploring religions more in depth, specifically Christianity, in college would be exciting for me.  I wasn't wrong! While I plan to be a high school English teacher, I know I will continue being heavily involved in my church and feel confident that I will use this minor in various ways while volunteering with and serving members of the church and community. After one class with Dr. Sang, I knew I wanted to take more classes with him and felt compelled to declare as a minor.  Though his classes were tough, he pushed me to be the best version of myself, as both a student and human being, as possible."


Molly Sue Harmon '18
Major: Religion and Philosophy, Christian Ministry
Minors: Dance, Theater  

"I chose to become a Religion and Philosophy major because I felt a call from God into the ministry field. I feel that I have been called to minister to high school students. But, not only this, I have aspirations of attending law school. Something that I am very passionate about is the United Nations and the advocacy that it offers for religious injustice and human rights violations. I hope to one day use my education to be an advocate for justice in religion and human rights for the UN. My Freshman year I was taking New Testament with Dr. Sang. I remember one day asking him if we could meet to discuss my interest in being a Religion major. And I've been in the department ever since then."


Alex Turner '18
Major: Philosophy & History  

"My major is Philosophy & History; I chose to do an individualized major because the Philosophy department itself does not have a major, and is in conjunction with Religion. After taking FYS and a few classes with Dr. Holtzman, I decided that I wanted to pursue philosophy in my major, but also wanted to incorporate some aspects of history as well. In designing my major, I could combine both disciplines to create the curriculum that I had in mind. In utilizing both history and philosophy, I am able to provide myself the critical and abstract thinking skills as well as historical background needed to pursue a career in law. In my major, both history and philosophy are about the same in credit hours, and provides a proper balance of exposure between the two, yet allows enough remaining time to complete my Honors requirements."


Madison Marshall '20
Major: Music, Worship Arts
Minor: Religion  

"Dr. Sang was the professor who inspired me to be a religion minor. I took his film FYS and it was very eye-opening. I started to realize how much I liked talking about God. Also, my faith was entirely personal experience based, but when I got to Catawba, I started to really dive into Scripture and fell in love with talking about the word of God with others."


Amanda Johnson '19
Major: Religion and Philosophy, Theology and Philosophy  

"When I first came to Catawba, I took Dr. Sang's Introduction to Hebrew Bible just to get started with my college career. I originally wanted to study Politics: Pre-Law so that I would be prepared to continue on to Law school. However, one class with Dr. Sang and I was hooked. Dr. Sang is one of the main reasons I decided to study Religion and Philosophy. He told me that with the critical and analytical thinking skills that I would acquire in Religion and Philosophy, it would give me multitude of potential career options. I love my major and I can't see myself changing it for anything. While my major opens doors to many exciting possibilities, I also love that I find it both challenging and exciting."