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Read what majors, minors, and students who are taking our classes have to say about their experiences and why they chose Religion and Philosophy at Catawba:

Students Majoring and Minoring in Religion & Philosophy

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leighpfeiffer.jpgLeigh Pfeiffer
Hometown: Durham, NC
Majors: Theology and Philosophy, History

"I hope to become an Archaeologist after college. I will be digging up pieces of people's lives and trying to understand who they were, how they lived, and what they believed in. A key piece in accomplishing this in understanding those beliefs. To comprehend their lives I must first understand their faiths and the thought process of their society."

whitneystokes.jpgWhitney Stokes
Hometown: Salisbury, NC
Major: Theology and Philosophy

"I love the RELP department. The advisors/professors want you to succeed and they are always there when you are feeling stressed about your semester. They help you to overcome those obstacles."

tylersmith.jpgTyler Smith
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Major: Outdoor Ministries

"While there is a lot I do not know, I am certain that the education I will receive from Catawba through the Religion and Philosophy major will guide me in a direction that will please God, myself, and my community."

kertstinbrown.jpgKerstin Brown
Hometown: Willow Spring, NC
Major: Outdoor Ministries, Christian Education; Minor: Spanish, Environmental Education

"The RELP Department has been fantastic in helping me to figure out the difficulties that arose when I decided to declare a double concentration in Christian Education and Outdoor Ministries. They were supportive and helped to work out several kinks such as the number of internships I would have to complete or whether or not the electives I took would count for both concentrations. I am really looking forward to delving deeper into my major!"