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Brown Book Collection

The Dr. J. Daniel Brown Book Collectiondanbrown1.jpg


In December, 2012, the Catawba College Religion &  Philosophy Department celebrated the arrival of the J. Daniel Brown Book Collection from a library at Center for Faith & the Arts, a local non-profit organization started by Professor Emeritus Dan Brown. Named in honor of Dr. Brown, this book collection is an autonomous departmental library affiliated with Catawba College's main library. 

Now a lending library open to the public, it is located in room 312 of Hedrick Administration Building. You are invited to visit the library and use its resources, though please note that the room is occasionally used for classes and for meetings. View the catalogue of library holdings below or on the main Catawba library page. The library focuses on religion, literature and the arts, and philosophy.danbrown02.jpg

We expect to grow the collection in the future, and we welcome contributions in the form of books and/or financial support.


  1. Books must be formally checked out at, and returned to, the Religion & Philosophy danbrown03.jpgDepartment Chairman's office, room 308, Hedrick Administration building.  Either Dr. Seth Holtzman or a departmental work-study student will handle check outs and returns. Call (704) 637-4229 or e-mail to arrange for someone to be present.
  2. Students, staff, and community members may check out up to 5 books at a time for two weeks, with the option of renewal. Professors may check out up to 10 books for four weeks with the option of renewal, and they may reserve materials for a course all semester (with permission of the Religion & Philosophy department).
  3. Borrowers who lose or damage a book will be assessed a fee relative to the cost of the book--so the department can repair or replace it.
  4. The fee for an overdue book is .25 cents a day.
  5. Notices of overdue fines, and of fees accrued due to lost or damaged books, will be sent to the Business Office and must be paid there.