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Alumni Highlights

Some of our students have chosen to pursue graduate education in fields as diverse as sociology, religion, social work, counseling, and education. Studying sociology at Catawba College also prepares you for a wide range of careers. Here are some ways recent graduates have put their critical thinking and research skills into use in today's information society:

  • Marriage and Family Therapist, Virginia
  • Police Officer, Key West, Florida
  • Gerontologist, Carolina Meadows Assisted Living Center
  • Case Manager, Therapeutic Foster Care Program at Nazareth Children's Home
  • Family Services Coordinator, Kannapolis Head Start
  • Marketing Representative, Food Lion
  • Executive Director, Rowan County AIDS Task Force

Featured Alumni

Ashley Acken '13
Sociology and Psychology Double Major


"I chose Catawba because of the sense of community that it upholds. Professors and staff members know who you are, want you to succeed, and will help guide you along in that process. After Graduation, I plan to attend a Seminary or Divinity school for a dual program in Divinity and counseling. I chose to major in both Psychology and Sociology because I believe these areas will help prepare me for this. I have a passion for people and understanding them as individuals and as communities."


Maura Pantone '12
Sociology and Psychology Graduate


"I chose Catawba because I loved the individualized attention that students get and fell in love with the faculty, staff, and school. My future plans are to continue my schooling and eventually get my doctorate so that I can become a Child Psychologist and work specifically with foster children. I chose to major in both Psychology and Sociology in order to help me reach my goals when it comes to my future. The knowledge that I gained in both disciplines really set me forward in my plans."


Ray Porter '07
Sociology Graduate


"After many intro courses in various fields, I came to realize that nearly every course was a Sociology course. The jargon may be different, but its material can be diffused through the lens of one's sociological imagination. Through this view of the world I gained valuable insight into my chaotic past and blossoming future. The toolbox I assembled aided me tremendously in my internship with at-risk youth. If you want to build skills that will allow you to challenge limits and challenge yourself, I highly recommend Sociology as a firm and rewarding foundation."


Candace Jacobs '07
Sociology Graduate


"Sociology is one of those majors that provides you with a plethora of skills, while offering you limitless career options. I love to study people and why they do the things they do. It was PERFECT for me."


James Bridgeforth '99
Political Science and Sociology double major; currently working on his Ph.D at The University of Southern Mississippi, focusing on institutional research in higher education. Earned a Masters Degree in Higher Education Administration from The University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

James is currently in his last year of course work at Southern Miss and serving as a Teaching Assistant, teaching Multiculturalism and Diversity in Student Affairs to masters and doctoral students. He also teaches Public Education in the United States to undergraduates.

"It has been a really great experience. I am hoping to pursue a career as an academic that leads to the presidency. I am really thankful for Catawba because the faculty and staff took time to encourage me (as well as many others). I would not have made it this far without attending Catawba. I am so proud to be an alum."