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Alumni Highlights

Christian Crifasi '13 crifasi.png
Business Major (Management); Cross Country Team Member

"I chose Catawba because of the small atmosphere and the personal attention that you get from the professors. I've always had a passion for business and the quality of the professors in the School of Business is what really drew me in."

lawson.pngGreg Lawson '12
Business Major (Information Systems); Baseball Team Member

"I came to Catawba to play baseball and earn a degree in Business Administration. I chose Business to acquire a concentration in Information Systems. I have enjoyed computers since I was young. While others have excelled in accounting or writing, I have excelled in computers and other electronic systems. For some people, programming websites and doing computer work is gibberish; however, for me it is like second nature. My main goal in acquiring this degree was to get into a graduate program to further my education in the Information Systems field. From there, I would like to be a web developer or possibly a game developer. Maybe someday I will be developing Call of Duty 11. For now, I will stick with my Business degree and continue to love working in Information Systems. My father always said, 'if you do something you love you won't be disappointed.' That is what I strive towards."

leroux.pngJessica Leroux '12
Business Major (Marketing)

"I chose Catawba to play soccer. When I came to visit the campus, I fell in love! I chose Business Administration as my major because I believe it is going to open a lot of doors of opportunities for me when I graduate in terms of jobs. Marketing was the concentration that I felt I would be best at, and possess the most interest in. I love being creative and coming with ideas to promote products. In the future, I plan to go back home to Toronto and pursue a career in perhaps advertising, public relations, or even human resources."

Robert Krauk '12
Business Major (Marketing)

"I chose Catawba because of the direct attention you get from the professors as a result of the small class sizes. The Marketing concentration within the Business major is something that is imperative for any company thus it made it a very useful major benefiting me in the long run. Society and the business world are shifting to whoever is able to market and network the best will be the most successful companies."

yarkoni.pngUri Yarkoni '12
Business Major

"For me, Business seemed like the most useful field for me to study and I found the major interesting. I liked the professors in the department especially Dr. Slate, my advisor. I studied a lot of material that was new to me. I found what I am studying to be useful with the current events today. I chose Catawba because of the Tennis program and the strong academic reputation that Catawba has. Out of the few schools that I visited, it was the nicest by far to me."

Uri is originally from Israel.

Sarah Matulis '12
Business Major (Management)

"I came to Catawba not only for the intimate atmosphere, but also for the quality of the professors found in the Ketner School of Business. The faculty not only have a passion for helping the students excel, but they have the experience needed in order to relate what is learned in the classroom to real-world situations. From all that I learned, I feel fully prepared for the fast-paced business environment I will join and leave my mark in."

smogner.pngTomas Smogner '12
Business Major (Accounting); On the Men's Basketball Team

Tomas was one of only two students chosen to represent Ernst and Young - Sweden in the International Intern Leadership Conference in Florida in the summer of 2013. Only twelve students were selected from the Nordic countries.

Tomas is currently working toward a Master's degree in Accounting, Auditing, and Analysis at Stockholm University.

touhy.pngMarty Touhy '12
Business Major (Marketing); On the Lacrosse Team

"I chose Catawba because I felt like it had a good balance between academics and athletics. I chose Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing because during my freshman year, I took a variety of classes and found the business classes to be the most interesting. I thought about what concentration I wanted to pursue and decided marketing would separate me from other students because companies always need to sell their product or service in order to be successful."

purpur.pngEileen Purpur '11
Business Major (Accounting)

"Catawba’s School of Business' excellent teaching faculty provided me with countless opportunities and knowledge to take with me into the professional world. My accounting professors opened my eyes to the hundreds of career pathways within the accounting profession and made accounting exciting. I am so glad that I chose Catawba, because my experience there went far beyond simply academics. As a student-athlete, I feel that I developed important skills that I will have with me for the rest of my life."

leon.pngValerie Leon '11
Business Major (Economics); Attending the Roger Williams University School of Law

Valerie was accepted into the Roger Williams University School of Law as a Leadership Scholar and into the honors program as well. Leadership Scholars receive a full scholarship and are selected according to academic promise and potential impact on the legal profession, such as a willingness to serve as role models in their community, help others surmount obstacles, and have a commitment to public service.

chinnis.pngRebecca Chinnis '10
Business Major (Accounting) and English Minor

"After graduation, I earned a Master in Accounting from the College of William and Mary. I now live in D.C. and work for Grant Thornton as an auditor. Catawba's curriculum, especially in the area of Accounting, provided the best education for which I could ask, which then allowed me to stand out among my peers when I went on to William and Mary."

gibson.pngGrant Gibson '10
Sustainable Business and Community Development Major

Gibson has been admitted to McMaster University's graduate program in Economics. He intends to earn his Ph.D. in Economics. McMaster is a member of the "Group of Thirteen" in Canada. The G-13 is considered "top-tier" and is very research intensive. He received a generous offer to study at McMaster.

beal.pngChristopher S. Beal '10
Business Major

“Entering my second year at Catawba, I finally knew that I was on the right track. I was enjoying my classes, I committed to majoring in business administration, I was inducted into the Philomathean Society (a men's service organization) and I began to associate with fellow students who were also committed to being successful and taking the college education seriously. I now realize that there was great value to the extra cost of Catawba education. It was because I was at Catawba that I had support of persons in finding a direction for my life. Because there was an organization like the Philomathean Society available to me, I was given new incentive and encouragement to be successful."

held.pngTyler Held '10
Business Graduate with a Focus in Marketing; Employed with Bloomberg LP Financial News Company in Princeton, N.J.

"I feel that the Business major from a global standpoint is uniting people together now more than ever. The Business program at Catawba College broadened my horizons and helped me become more open-minded. I also chose Catawba because of the soccer team (like a family to me) and the great financial aid package I was offered."

Held is from Virginia Beach, V.A.

lo.pngMai Zoua Lo '10
Business Administration Graduate

"I chose Catawba because it was the right size for me and the fact that classes were small enough where I could get personal help and build relationships with professors and students/athletes. Though Catawba is small, it offers great opportunities for you to pursue your career and you can have fun as well because you’ll basically know everyone on campus.

After college, I plan on working with the FDIC in Charlotte. I will pursue my MBA in a few years."

At Catawba, Mai's interests included Volleyball, PBL, Helen Foil Beard Society, and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).