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Common Reading

Common Summer Reading

All Catawba College students enrolled in upper level Business and Communication courses will be required to read a common reading in preparation for their Fall courses.

2014 Selection

  • bk_successthink.png"How Successful People Think:  Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life"  by John C. Maxwell

    Review from book cover: Gather successful people from all walks of life and what would they have in common? The way they think! Now you can think as they do and revolutionize your work and life!

    A Wall Street Journal bestseller, HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK is the perfect, compact read for today's fast-paced world. America's leadership expert John C. Maxwell will teach you how to be more creative and when to question popular thinking. You'll learn how to capture the big picture while focusing your thinking. You'll find out how to tap into your creative potential, develop shared ideas, and derive lessons from the past to better understand the future. With these eleven keys to more effective thinking, you'll clearly see the path to personal success.

    This book is highly recommended by members of the Ketner School of Business Advisory Board and is a bestseller. The book provides great advice by one of the leading management and  leadership experts of our time John C. Maxwell. The popular Fall Book Forum to discuss the book will be held in September. The book is available on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere ($10).  Be sure to get your copy and enjoy learning "How Successful People Think"!  Join the online discussion on the Ketner School of Business Facebook page.

Past Selections

  • 2013: "Conscious Capitalism"
    This selection by John Mackey is a Wall Street Journal bestseller and represents the fourth summer reading text for upper level students in the Ketner School of Business. Mackey is the Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, and Raj Sisodia, the co-founder of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. and a marketing professor at Bentley University. "
  • 2012: "Inside Coca-Cola"    
    The first book by a Coca-Cola CEO tells the remarkable story of the company's revival. Neville Isdell was a key player at Coca-Cola for more than 30 years, retiring in 2009 as CEO after regilding the tarnished brand image of the world's leading soft-drink company.

  • 2011: "MoneyBall: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game" by Michael Lewis
    The central premise of this book is that the collected wisdom of baseball insiders (including players, managers, coaches, scouts, and the front office) over the past century is subjective and often flawed. Statistics such as stolen bases, runs batted in, and batting average, typically used to gauge players, are relics of a 19th century view of the game and the statistics that were available at the time. A movie based on the book was released in Fall 2011. 
  • 2010: "1,000 Dollars & An Idea" by Sam Wyly  
    "1,000 Dollars and & Idea" is the autobiographic account of self-made billionaire Sam Wyly's rise to fame. Wyly grew up in Louisiana and studied journalism at Louisiana Tech.