campus wide alert


  1. chil-pot.pngEach team must be limited to (5) people. Only (4) team members will be allowed to serve at their table at one time; the fifth member may be used as a runner for supplies and may also stroll the event to taste chili at competing team-tables. 
  2. All cooking utensils and pots (etc) must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized before use at the event.
  3. Each team's area must be maintained, clean and neat. 
  4. The public must remain on the opposite side of your team's table. 
  5. Team members may not wear loose clothing. Long sleeve garments must be tight to the arm and wrist.  Hair of shoulder length or longer must be restrained or tied back. All team members must wear a cap, hairnet, or other hat. Each team member will be provided with a paper chef's hat via the team packet to be distributed by the host of this event.
  6. Hands must be washed and/or sanitized before handling utensils, pots, and food.  Each team should bring (for team use) a hand sanitizer. Each team must provide at least one roll of dry paper towels for spills.
  7. All meat and food products must be purchased from:
    • A commercial source. 
    • No homemade or home canned food is allowed. 
    • All original food containers/labels must be kept in your area until inspected. 
  8. All meat products MUST be FDA-inspected:    
    • Wild game is not allowed      
    • Have a sales receipt stating purchase place and type of meat product.
  9. The chili must be maintained at a minimum temperature of 140 degrees F or above.  A metal stem thermometer with a range of 0 degrees to 220 degrees will be provided in the team packet to ensure compliance.
  10. Cooks are not to taste their chili with their cooking spoon.  A disposable spoon must be used and then discarded after each use. 
  11. Only registered team members may serve the public.  Bowls must be inverted for easy sanitary grasping and spoons must be removed from the container by the handle. Tasting bowls and spoons will be provided by the event hosts.
  12. Chili is the only food to be served to the public by your team with the exception of crackers or tortilla chips. 
  13. The hosts of the Ketner School of Business Chili Cook-Off reserve the right to eliminate any team from the event and/or competition for any rules violation without refund of the entry fee.