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The Man Behind the Lion: Ralph W. Ketner

Ralph W. Ketner, founder and chairman emeritus of Food Lion, Inc., marks his 90th birthday on Sept. 20 and the faculty, staff and students of Catawba College plan to help him celebrate. On his special day, the College will show its appreciation and support for this entrepreneurial man who has helped shape both Catawba College and the Salisbury-Rowan community over a half dozen decades.

VideoIn his own words, Ketner discusses the following:

Family Beginnings

Spreading the Word

How He Got His Own Grocery Business

How You Know You've Made It

The Early Years

A Millionaire, Not a Billionaire

Opening the First Store in Salisbury

Food Town Becomes Food Lion

Survival, Not Success

Price is #1

A Good Idea - All Eggs in One Basket

Delhaize Becomes Part of the Equation

A Strategy in Place

On His Success

Helping Charities, Customers, and Food Lion

Advice to Students